Hubby has the flu


**This is the first time any of us have had the flu since we had Lily. I am terrified that she will get sick. We have gotten through several colds and she has been ok (I think breastfeeding has really helped keep the severity of her symptoms in check)… I am also scared that I will get sick. Please pray that it will bypass Lily and I and that hubby gets better soon…



Aw Malia–I’m sorry to hear that. I used to be very frightened of illnesses when I had my son–who is our first. It’s funny, I used to call the hospital on a weekly basis, thinking the worst when my son would sneeze twice in a row:eek: So, I know your feelings. I will pray for a speedy recovery, and maybe just try your best to keep your baby away from dh–If your baby does get sick, babies and children are often more resiliant than us adults…I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers for a speedy recovery of your dh.:slight_smile:


HI Malia, I keep your husband in my prayer. I will ask for a Vietnamese Bishop who passed away to pray for us. The Vatican is in process of working on his canonization.

I got sick couple of days ago and I prayed and asked him for his intercession. I got healed quickly. So did my mom.

His name: Father Francis De Sales Thuan.


Ugh…FLU! When my first baby was 11 months old, we all got the flu…mommy, daddy and baby. It was awful ! I vowed “NEVER AGAIN !”…and we have faithfully gotten our flu shots every year since. We are first in line. :stuck_out_tongue: It may not be 100%, but, hey, I’ll take whatever help I can get where influenza is concerned. We had a really bad experience with it though…hubby was coughing up blood and he and my baby girl ended up needing chest x-rays, etc…scarey…but, Thanks be to God, we all pulled through unscathed. If hubby came home with influenza, now…we would separate until he was well. I’d go stay with my in-laws and take the kids!


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