Hubby Went To Chick-Fil-A - Great Food And Service LOOONG Line!

I’ve been edified to have seen several stories of long Chick Fil A lines today.

One lady waited 20 minutes, another Dad waited 46 minutes, a store near Washington, DC had a Senate car there and several stores had car lines that went for blocks. All the stories were encouraging to read because the employees offered good and cheerful service in spite of the volume. One lady wrote that the line was three hours!

I’ll bet it’s good to work at such a place at such a moment.

My own husband said, “They sure did clean out the liberals. It was a nice visit.” Here’s an image that really fits!


Looks like all this recent uproar actually turned out to be a good thing for them in every possible way.

A friend of mine commented that in her city two of the locations ran out of food. The two in my city had lines backed up for blocks starting at breakfast and didn’t stop all day.

Liberals can be so ridiculous, lol. I know that may be rude of me to say, but it’s true.

This is wonderful!
I’ve never been to a Chick-Fil-A and there isn’t one in my area, but when I see one, I’m going to stop and eat there for sure!
I did send the owner an email thanking him for sticking up for what is right.

Good turn out at the Des Mones metro’s lone Chick-Fil-A at a local mall, nearly 1,500.

Now the gay activists have planned for this Friday to be “same sex kiss day” or something like that to counter todays Appreciation Day, and so on Friday they’re telling people to crowd the Chik-fil-A’s and kiss someone of the same sex in front of everyone right there in the restaurant.

Seems kind of stupid to me… all it will do is make all the gay activists look petty and immature. (to put it kindly) They’ll be doing some serious damage to their own image.

I completely agree. Someoone can’t state there opinion, without someone having a fit like a three year old making up things like that. I don’t even want to see a straight couple kiss in public. I don’t care what sexual orientation you are, keep the affection for private time. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. I mean who cares if someone has a different opinion than you? You can go to any business and you’ll disagree on something with the owners. People need to suck it up. <-- Sorry got on a rant there.

My nine year old grandaughter and I went to my neighborhood ChicFil-A. Same experience,we waited in the drive up approx.30minutes. There were people wrapped around the outside of the resturant,waiting to get inside as well. A couple of negatives,there was a woman in her SUV,who managed to cut into the drive up line . She was perpendicular to the line,when a slight gap appeared,she slid right in!:mad: Also some old guy in the parking lot with a sign"IF Republicans are all for freedom,why are they in our bedrooms?" He finally left after he didn’t get any reaction to his sign;)

Our local Chick-Fil-A’s had lines 1-2 hours long, whether you went inside or through the drive-thru. People were filling the parking lots of nearby businesses, parking in the grass, on the side of the highway, etc. just to get in. The local media reported that hundreds turned out overall, but by midday several local stores had reported 1500-2000 people at each location. We went early, arrived before 11:00, and not only did it still take over an hour to get our food, but they ran out of several items so we had to change our order. It’s after 9:30 PM local time and at least one local store still has the 1/4-1/2 mile lines to get into the parking lot that they’ve had all day.

Well I’m glad to hear these great turnouts, too.

If it weren’t for emails, I wouldn’t have known of this. The minute my husband heard, he said that he’d stop on the way home from the airport. One of our daughters saw a priest come out and a lady rolled down her window to yell across the way, “Thank you, Father.”

Tell you what. I hope that those folks on Friday do not accost others. Hopefully the police will protect the real customers.

Chick-Fil-A should close all of their shops on that day and stay home and relax. :wink:

The problem with that would be it would send the message that the gay activists can just bully them into closing on whatever day they want. In that case they’re only more likely to pull even more stunts like that in the future once they see it got results. The best thing to do is just continue to support Chik-fil-A and ignore the professional drama queens - unless by some chance they get so out of hand that they need to get the police involved.

I think a simple sign that reads “if you aren’t here to buy food then you will be arrested for trespassing”…fair warning and they don’t let people just walk in otherwise and just sit there having a “sit in” taking up space where others want to sit and eat.


Good idea!

This is probably already law in many places anyway. Enforcement is the trick, especially the first time.

A strong front is necessary at the beginning to slow the temptation to repeat.

Good luck with that one. Talk about a public relations nightmare if they did that.

Wow I eat at Chick-Fil-A all the time and not once did I ever even try to figure out if someone was liberal or conservative. Too many people enjoying food and chasing kids around to sink to that level.

Tried to eat at our local store for lunch. The line was so long, my hubby would have never made it back to work in time.:thumbsup:

So we were going to try for dinner. We called and they told us they were more crowded for dinner.:thumbsup:

So we waited until an hour before closing and went in for dessert. The line was out the door and we had to park two stores away. :thumbsup:

We plan to go back on Friday.

I went thls morning to our Kansas City location at 10 mins. to 11. The parking lot was full, The line was out the door and the drive through ended up being a 20 min wait. The food and service was great. Picked up an extra meal and delivered it to my wife at work. I just love people that have the courage to stand up for thier convictions:thumbsup:

I took my kids and we waited for 1 1/2 hours for food on a local college campus. I have never had Chick fil A before and it was delicious We were on the news but not interviewed because why would the media interview one of the hundreds of people who peacefully support morality when there are 2 people who dont agree off to the side somewhere?. :shrug:

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