Hubby's getting laid off AGAIN


I was so excited when my hubby got called back to work at the beginning of last month. He was even getting a lot of overtime. I was catching up on bills, I did a little bit of updating on our daughter’s room while she went on a trip with her grandfather and we just back-to-school shopping this week. This will be our daughter’s first year in public school since preschool because we’ve homeschooled all these years. I had been penny pinching for so long, and living on absolute essentials I wanted to indulge my daughter a little. We’ve been shopping thrift stores for the last year so I wanted her to have some nice new things.

Now I feel like I was irresponsible with the break God gave us and should have been putting every penny hubby made in the bank. We did put a big chunk he made in our savings. I had resolved we were going back to being more frugal after the school shopping because I was feeling guilty. And then hubby comes home last night with this news.

I had been working a lot of hours at my part job while my hubby was laid off. I’ve taken time off because our daughter just got home after being gone almost a month and I took time off next week because its her first week at high school. I was looking forward to a lighter work schedule but of course now I’ll be back to working my tail off. I know I should be grateful I have a job -and I am. But I’m just so worn down from all these layoffs. Hubby was off from this company since last September. Then he works a month and gets laid off again? We’ll be back to worrying about paying for insurance again shortly. Anyway I’m just rambling on. Please pray for us. I’m just sad, and worn down and honestly scared about our financial future.


I am so sorry. That is awful news. :frowning: I will be praying.


I’m so sorry, rayne…if I were you guys, I’d put this company out of your minds. They sound like they haven’t a clue how to manage! Asking people back, and laying them off after a month? Who’s running this place? A 12 yr old? If asked back, I wouldn’t go…I pray pray pray that he finds a better place to work, who respects their workers, and pays him well…I also pray that you have the strength to work the hours you’ll need to, in the meantime. And don’t feel guilty, I know, it’s easy to do. Who knew this would happen again so quickly? What’s done is done…guilt only keeps us locked in the past, you didn’t go on a cruise for pete’s sakes. lol So, hang in there, and know we’re here for you! :hug1:


Prayers for you and your family!


Praying for you and yours


If he gets called back, he will go back. He actually really likes his co-workers even if the management is screwy. I’m praying and praying it’ll be shorter than three months. But even if its three months I can live with that. After that our insurance comes into play. This is going to fall right at the time of my daughter’s bday (Oct.) and of course Christmas is coming. I can’t really think to much about that right now.

It looks like the parts they were making for a couple big companies are now not being paid for - hence the reason for the layoff. The good thing is because he got called back they pay our insurance for the next three months -its part of the union contract. Sharon Michigan is so bad for jobs he’d be crazy not to take whatever he can get. There is nothing here which is why it is so scary. And he’d never get the kind of hourly wage starting somewhere else -they’re just not paying that anymore for what he does.

I am going though the clothes we bought and taking somethings back. I just feel I have to, not the things my daughter loves just somethings she was just ok about. She doesn’t get her school supply list til after labor day (they don’t start until after labor day here in MI) so I still will have some shopping to do.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


I’m sorry, I forget you live in Michigan…is it really that bad, that this is the only decent thing in town? :frowning:


Praying here.

A word about school supply lists. Check and see if someone is giving away school supplies there. We have so many places who give school supplies away that when people donated them to the SSVDP society - well, they are still sitting in my office, no one needs them.

Get her what she needs from the list, don’t feel guilted into buying the supplies for the school room - they will likely ask you to send hand sanitizer and kleenex for the whole class to use. Tell the teacher that your daughter will bring her own and you can put a small package of tissues and sanitizer in her backpack.


Oh Rayne , prayers:gopray: for you and your family!

I can only just imagine how your emotions must be up and down with your husband laid off for so long, called back to work, then laid off again. Well, at least the month of work he had gave you had a chance to get caught up on some bills, get a few months of insurance, and get some school clothes for your daughter. Sounds like a good plan to return the things that aren’t her favorites–better to have fewer clothes that she really likes and wears. May God bless her and watch over her in her first year of public school after you homeschooled her all these years.



Also, with her supplies, see if somethings won’t be used until later in the year. Supply lists sometimes have multiples of things or larger quanties than really needed (although high school lists are usaully much better about that then lower grades). Get the minimum and she’ll find out what she really needs as the days go by.


*Frankly, I do NOT buy what’s on my kids’ supply lists…are you kidding? It’s crazy what they expect these kids (their parents) to spend…I couldn’t believe this year’s lists…we bought them some binders, notebooks, pens and pencils…that’s it. One teacher wanted us to buy a $200 calculator…please. :rolleyes:

Get what you can…I will be praying for you guys, rayne. *


There are no companies hiring in MI for my hubby’s trade. We’ve seen some out of state but the pay is far less, and moving away from family and our support system with my health problems would be only a last resort. Anything else he’d apply for would be a starting wage since he’d be starting from the bottom again and there is very little of that even and trust me he has applied for what little is out there.

I can make the money stretch with my income and unemployment -just barely but our health insurance is the absolute scariest thing. I can not be with out it, my heart can tank at anytime -it could be a matter of life and death. To be on a transplant list with no medical insurance - I can’t even think about it. We had a few months left of the government subsidized Cobra left before his job called him back. He did have a much lower paying job for 6 months of his lay off from this job that gave us insurance for a little while -then that company laid him off. I don’t know after the next three months if he’s not called back if we can return to that program or not -I’m not sure how it works. If we have to pay the full Cobra out of pocket we just couldn’t afford it.

I can’t think past tomorrow, I just can’t think it about it because it’s just too scary. I just have to do this one day at a time and pray, pray, pray.


*That’s all you can do, and all any of us can do, really. Jesus told His followers, tells us…to not be afraid…to not worry about tomorrow or yesterday. It can be hard sometimes! rayne, please know I’ll be lifting you and your husband up in prayer. I just wish there was more opportunity. *


I’m sorry. Your story sounds eerily similar to mine…I wonder if our husbands are in the same trade in Michigan. Anyway, I totally empathize with you. Prayers to you and your family.


Thank you for your prayers and we will pray for your family as well.


Prayers for your family Rayne. When I got “laid off”, my replacement couldn’t do the job, so they hired me back long enough to train him. Revolving door policy. Tim


Some of the parishes here where I live, Western NY, Niagara County, have been taking donations of back packs filled with school supplies and then giving them to families in need.

A local tv station has been having donation stations set up at grocery stores for collections of school supplies as well. There are other programs similar going around as well. You have to check around and ask. Ask Catholic Charities if they have any back to school help.

I hope this helps and I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless! :slight_smile:


Make sure to file the umemployment claim. Once you have a claim, there is the possibility of getting extensions. Also, get to a staffing agency(temp) because it is a good way to pick up jobs. I have been unemployed for a quite while. It is tough out there. Pray to St. Joseph. Contact your local St. Vincent de Paul Society because they might be able to help out.


Even if you can afford the supplies, it is crazy what they are demanding. At my sons’ schools, they list name brand stuff and janatorial supplies. we got eight crayons, two pencils and a pad of paper and did just fine.


*I completely agree. It’s so very unreasonable to expect kids to run out and spend $200 on school supplies. Not in this house. We are living on a budget now, and we just won’t buy anything unncessary anymore. My kids have gone through two weeks now of school, just fine, with the supplies we purchased. *

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