Huckabee, the TV show

Anyone planning on watching the premier of HUCKABEE tonight on the Fox News Channel? 8pm E.T.

Its being billed as cross between Letterman and a news commentary with a slant on what the news of the day means to us at our dinner tables. I always thought Mike Huckabee had a great sense of humor that came through when he campaigned so I suspect his show will be touched with humor and he’ll toss in some verbal zingers, I wonder if his Christian Evangelical roots will also seep into the show?

Tonight’s guest is Elizabeth Hasselback, from The View.

I would, but I’m going to Vespers, Lord willing.

I voted for Huckabee, for one thing I liked his attitude. I told my students (I teach in public schools) I did it to aggrevate my fellow teachers: I remember one who walked around the school saying (to no one in particular) “I don’t see how anyone could vote for him! You can just listen to him and know that he is part of the religious right!” uttterly and totally oblivious that many find that attractive.

I’ll be watching. I like his personality & he has a good sense of humor, imo.:thumbsup:

I didn’t know he was on FOX now! I LOVE Mike Huckabee! He was my pick as well!

Will check it out!

I attended my university’s football game tonight, so I missed the show. But I love Mike (he was my pick during the primaries), so I’ll definitely watch the show later. :cool:

Haha, I thought people were joking about this on another forum. I don’t mean to to offend anyone, but I could only watch this ironically.

I watched the end of it. He’s definitely got the personality to be a host on FOX News… although he served as a sort of moderator between his various guests and their discussion, he did a good job of letting everyone make their piece and moving on. The little musical number at the end was pretty nice, too… :slight_smile:

I did see the show, and thought it was pretty good. I didn’t know he was a musician. It was pretty refreshing after watching some of the other ilk on msnbc, cnn, etc.

I disagree and agree with him on many issues but I do like the guy. Too bad he’s on Fox News because I wont watch that program.

Same here. We’ve got that station blocked out on our TV. Nothing personal against Huckabee. I love when he’s a guest on “The Colbert Report”. He and Stephen Colbert have a terrific comedic rapport.

“Huckabee” was the #1 watched show on cable news last Sunday. :cool:

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