Huge Crowds Expected for Pope Benedict XVI's U.S. Arrival

WASHINGTON — The leader of the world’s 1 billion Roman Catholics has been to the White House only once in history. That changes this week, and President Bush is pulling out all the stops: driving out to a suburban military base to meet Pope Benedict XVI’s plane, bringing a giant audience to the South Lawn and hosting a fancy East Room dinner.

**These are all firsts.

Bush has never before given a visiting leader the honor of picking him up at the airport. In fact, no president has done so at Andrews Air Force Base, the typical landing spot for modern leaders.,2933,351169,00.html



do you think you’ll see the Pope?

I sure wish I could. I’m glad Pres. Bush is welcoming Pope Benedict this way.

That’s really great, but for some reason, I fear for his safety while he’s here. Some homosexual groups have already said that they’ll try to make his visit a bad one. Hopefully, they’ll be kept a long distance away from him. It only takes one nutcase, you know. I’ll be praying for our Pope.

I read on yahoo news a bit ago that he was here to heal the sex scandal wounds. Maybe he should release some of those magic doves that erase the bad things that the church or the papacy does or says.:smiley:

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