HUGE energy breakthrough


Blacklight Power will love this

During photosynthesis, plants only convert about 10% of the light they receive from the sun into usable hydrogen to fuel the reaction. Last summer, a group of researchers were able to break the world record for laboratory efficiency by reaching 44.7% with a new cell, with 50% as the ultimate goal. This record could by smashed by a new hybrid material using both organic and inorganic materials that could propel solar cells to an efficiency exceeding 95%. The research was led by Maxim Tabachnyk of the University of Cambridge and the paper was published in Nature Materials.

Coupled with the innovations of a company name “Blacklight Power” this could be a seriously disruptive technology.


I have followed the development of more efficient photovoltaic cells (PV), and hybrids which combine PV with thermal absorbers to extract even more of the incident power from sunlight. I think these are valid approaches based on good old science and engineering.

However, I do not have such a high opinion of Blacklight Power. I cannot tell whether they are fraudulent or merely deluded, but all I’ve read from them looks like bad science. My two cents. :twocents:


Well, Blacklight Power has had 8 test validations from independent universities and testers, and has attracted over $11 million in investments…

But of course you have every right to be skeptical.

Personally I think that by 2020 a good number of these units will be in homes throughout the world.


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