Hugo Chavez calls on God

It seems the dictator Hugo Chavez has called on God to spare him as his cancer treatments are failing. It is so sad that this man has led his country to the abyss, stomping on the God given liberties of the people in that country, and now he calls on God to save him. I am torn between feeling bad for him that he suffers from cancer and seeing him get his just desserts for the way he has treated his fellow countrymen.

Feelings aside, our only true choice is to pray for him.


Yes, I know. If he survives maybe this might change him for the better.


God will see to it that he gets whats he deserves, in the meantime, let us pray for the salvation of his soul.

i have pity for him and i have hope for him. pity that it took this for him to reach out to God, and hope that the time he has left, perhaps he can learn about the glory of God and the Holy Spirit will show him the errors of his ways and he will change and set an example for others.

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