"Hugo Chavez Died in the Bosom of the Church"

A source in Venezuela has revealed that the outspoken President of Venezuela “died in the bosom of the Church” and received spiritual direction and the sacraments in his last days. This notable national leader had carried out an ongoing feud with the Catholic Church during his career.
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The Good Lord loves all his children. We should, too! Thank you, Lord, for drawing your son back to your heart. Amen

This is what we pray for! That everyone possible repents and is brought back to the Lord. We are to pray for our enemies and those who presecute us.

St Teresa prayed for a hardened murderer and rejoiced when she heard he had repented and died “in the bosom of the Church.” So should we if we want to emulate her saintliness.

Praise God!

May the lord have mercy on his soul !

This brings much Joy to my heart! I hope to see him in heaven and ill be praying for his soul in purgatory! God bless him! And thank you to the priest who brought him home to us!

This is great and happy news indeed. I never liked Chavez as a politician and leader but any news of a holy death is good news indeed. May he rest in peace.

Thank God for this if this is true!

I agree with everyone else here; it is great that our Lord is so loving that during a person’s final days, they can be brought to Him. I will make sure to pray for Hugo Chavez

Our Lady of Coromoto; pray for him.

St. Thomas Moore; pray for him.

Sts. George, Joan of Arc and Martin of Tours; pray for him.

Agreed! May the Lord grant him eternal rest.

This good news I would think would be all the reason needed for Catholics with the greatest faith not to tell perhaps less faithful ones that they are not Catholic or don’t have the right to identify as or tell them they should “leave” because they don’t follow this or that teaching. So as not to alienate them so much that they do “leave” completely, tune out, turn a deaf ear to the Church and then not hear the Lord calling them back. And then end up not turning to the Church in their final days. Let us thank God this apparently was not the case with the Venezuelan President. But I wouldn’t think it would be worth the risk. In any case rest in peace Hugo Chavez.

:slight_smile: R.I.P.

In all things, God works for the good. I can’t imagine that God is not using Hugo Chavez’s life works for the salvation of the world.

He was born a peasant , and grew up in abject poverty , so it seems in the end that he reflected upon his roots and found the humility to die in Christ’s mercy. May he rest in peace.

People still have to believe what the Church believes. We are all welcoming, and will be like the father of the Prodigal Son, slaughtering the fatted calf when the person returns, but that doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye. Fraternal correction is a spiritual work of mercy.

That’s why Admandinejad called Chavez a saint and Jesus-like.

Absolutely. And that correction should be given in love so as not to alienate the person we are trying to correct.

No matter how bad a person in life is, if he sincerely repents, he’s saved. He might spend three lifetimes in purgatory, but he’s saved.

Tactfully said … and accurate too in some cases.

The “source” who reported the story is Chavez’ VP and presumptive successor it looks like.

This doesn’t mean his report is untrue. Chavez being publicly seen with a Rosary around his neck might just be a public penance for past wrongs – although politicians do things to pad their approval ratings often as well.

This Sunday’s Gospel IS the parable of the Prodigal Son! And I must admit … the Prodigal was a changed man and repentant. And as he was broke and without any power to pay restitution back to his father. He didn’t have to. * Or was that because there was no theft - it was his own inheritance he squandered. *

With Chavez his poverty was his health, not his wealth or power. The VPs report that Chavez had “received the sacraments” makes one guess that one of them was Reconciliation. Which is quite private in what was (or wasn’t) confessed.

In the case of a sin involving “theft” – part of the penance is restitution. One may not steal something, keep it, confess the sin and NOT make restitution (as much as is possible up to the amount or damage done caused by the theft).

huffingtonpost.com/robert-amsterdam/hunger-strikes-expose-hug_b_304557.html < The case of the jailing of this never before arrested 22 year old in 2009 - on free speech violation charges was quite PUBLIC. Are we to expect the freeing of political prisoners in Venezuela soon (or was it quietly already done)? That would make quite a difference.

Full restitution and repentance – and the availability of a plenary indulgence – might make even a stop in purgatory unnecessary! Not to canonize anyone. :tsktsk::nope:

newadvent.org/cathen/12788a.htm < New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia on the subject of “Restitution”.

Restitution has a special sense in moral theology. It signifies an act of commutative justice by which exact reparation as far as possible is made for an injury that has been done to another.

An injury may be done to another by detaining what is known to belong to him in strict justice and by wilfully doing him damage in his property or reputation. As justice between man and man requires that what belongs to another should be rendered him, justice is violated by keeping from another against his reasonable will what belongs to him, and by willfully doing him damage in goods or reputation.

Commutative justice therefore requires that restitution should be made whenever that virtue has been violated. This obligation is identical with that imposed by the Seventh Commandment, “Thou shalt not steal.” For the obligation not to deprive another of what belongs to him is identical with that of not keeping from another what belongs to him. As theft is a grave sin of its own nature, so is the refusal to make restitution for injustice that has been committed.

Restitution signifies not any sort of reparation made for injury inflicted, but exact reparation as far as possible.

“Nationalizing” someone else’s property on behalf of others … is probably less egregious than keeping it personally oneself … but it goes beyond “coveting another’s goods” it would seem. And when attempts to rule the whole country by decree later (dictatorial “emergency powers” were sought) – nationalizing riches “for the people” starts looking a bit like ( … especially person number ONE).


I hope the funeral is a bit solemn and* low-key as would befit a Prodigal.* Being co-opted into looking like tacit approval for an ongoing Socialist Dictatorship should be avoided IMO.

I do wish the best for Venezuela: peace, reconciliation, and justice … to go along with mercy and closure.

Chavez was a tyrant and a criminal that stole billions of dollars from his fellow countrymen and used the resources of his country to prop up dictators and despots around the world. I don’t believe the story about Chavez dying in the bosom of the church. This could be just more leftist propaganda.

If he did then he should have publicly renounced his many sins and his many crimes before his death. There is no evidence to suggest he did that.

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