Hulk Hogan wins $25 million in punitive damages against Gawker



he came out a winner. hope the company has that much money to pay!


Whatcha gonna do, Gawker, when"Hulkamania" runs wild on you!


I’ve seen some articles that this verdict will have a ‘chilling effect’ on journalists. Bat puckey.

Hogan could not have sued if Gawker had only reported that he had slept with a friend’s wife and that a tape existed. It’s publishing the tape that’s over the line.


Well for some background, in case anyone cares to know, prior to my conversion to the Church I was an avid fan of Tampa radio DJ Todd “Bubba” Clem who was a shock jock that began working with Howard Stern when he began with Sirius Radio in 2006. Clem and Hogan were best friends for a long time and Clem had a reputation for greed. Clem sought to blackmail Hogan by compelling his (Clem’s) wife to have sex with Hogan while Clem taped it on video. That is how this mess all got started.

So the way I see it is that Hogan just got awarded $25 million because he engaged in adultery, there truly are no “winners” in such a case though.


Yes, sounds like the ‘hulk’ has some pretty low morals, to sleep with his friends wife and the fact she was able to be convinced into such a thing, doesnt say much for her either.

Im not sure why ‘Gawker’ would even go after such a video, isnt Hulk Hogan close to 70 yrs old? LOL


The Hulkster was born on August 11, 1953. His case might go all the way to the Supreme Court.

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