Human Beings in Heaven?

If we go to Heaven, are we still “human beings” there?

To take one angle, it seems to me many aspects of our human nature would no longer exist in Heaven. So does our nature change at all?



You might try reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church :). You know, " …when all else fails, read the directions. " But yes, we will be like Christ after his Resurrection. Our bodies will not be subject to the laws of nature or limited by them. Our bodies will take on a subtlety and lightness which will allow us to be anywhere we want just by thinking of it, we will be able to walk through walls, as Christ did. We will have no disorderly passions, we will not need food, drink, etc. There will be no sex in Heaven. Our human joy and happiness will be full, our intellects will be filled to capacity and we will be in communication with God and the Angles and we will walk with our friends and the other Saints. There will be no sadness, no suffering, no illness, no doubts. And there will be wonders of which the mind of man has not conceived.


ClemtheCatholic asks : "If we go to Heaven, are we still “human beings” there? …
It seems to me many aspects of our human nature would no longer exist in Heaven. So does our nature change at all?"

Jesus explained that one aspect of Human existence changes for sure : If you are married, when you get to Heaven you cease to be married.
Jesus responded to a question about the woman who married a man, who died without producing a son, and his 6 brothers also married her and died.

I have a couple thoughts about Heaven.
Because I will be close to God, mostly positive emotions will prevail.
Also, I won’t have to worry about all of the things in Life that must get done … and (somehow) find the time and energy to accomplish them all. WHEW!

The body will join the soul after death.

See: General Resurrection

In Heaven, your human soul/mind (psyche) will remain.

You will be reinstated alive as a soma (human body) (pneumatikon soma; 1 Co 15).

As you will then be again and for ever, human soul and body; you will indeed be a human being.

If you have a body, you are by definition somebody!!


The time spent in purgatory will purge you of most human emotions. The physical body of course no longer exists.

You will still remain a human, but just the intellect (sometimes called the mental body) and the soul will remain with you.

The human emotions are not the problem. Most human emotions cannot exist without the human body’s (psychikon soma’s) limbic system to generate them, in any case.

To paraphrase CS Lewis, just as a piano doesn’t have a set of “right” and “wrong” keys, but every key is right in some instances and wrong in others; so too our human emotions.

The entire emotional suite remains, but in abeyance, until the pneumatikon soma (spiritual body).

There is no collinear time (which is physical) in Purgatory, anyhow.


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