Human Centipede II - This movie just sounds pure evil. I wish I hadn't even read the article

Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t go downhill any further.

Read at your own risk “Gross Factor Warning”****-eating-fun-

I was shocked they were making a sequel, not so much due to the subject matter, but because everyone I know who’s into the current brand of really horrid, torturous horror movies and saw the first one absolutely hated it. When they heard they were making a sequel, instead of asking “Why?!?” they asked “Why bother?” I had no desire to see the first one, and even less desire to see the sequel.

I love horror films. In his book Danse Macabre Stephen King praises the genre for its pro-spiritual themes; The Exorcist, The Addiction and Requiem as cases in point. But Human Centipede is essentially made by over-grown frat boys who have absolutely nothing to say about any subject whatsoever. A five year old could take more from the genre than they could. It is a sad example of what horror has become; where shocking gore makes a worthy substitute for substance and insight.

I only hope those who know nothing about horror cinema do not take this film to be a typical example of it. :frowning:

Rant over. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah. I love it when internet memes hit CAF like a ton of bricks.
I’ve never watched the original human centipede, nor have any desire to.
But come on. It’s not like hollywood had anything to do with that terrible movie.
And you know what? I’m not calling it terrible in the “OH, PURE EVIL, MORAL FILTH” way… I’m calling it terrible due to the fact that it was created by idiots, and only gained internet fame because of how painfully gross and idiotic it was.

I’m not surprised there’s a sequel now, the first one was famous for all the reasons a movie doesn’t want to be famous for… But despite that, it’s still internet fame, and any publicity is good publicity.

Anyone know the movie Salo: 120 days of Sodom? Well that’s what Human Centipede reminds me of, I’ve never seen Human Centipede but judging by what’s written about it, it’s the same “scat” element. I stopped watching Salo after about half-an-hour or so, it’s not that I couldn’t watch it, but I didn’t want to, it was a pointless movie taken to the extreme to express some ridiculous philosophical point I don’t think was even validated in the director’s own mind.

To be honest to this director of Human Centipede, sorry mate, it’s been done, at least 35 years ago now.

Never heard of this movie until my 15 yr old daughter came into my room at 3am with nightmares from having friends tell her about the first movie.

I just can’t view the slasher/serial killer/torture movies as entertainment having read a lot of the real life serial killer accounts from FBI profilers. It’s just too real to be entertaining.

Okay, I just read a synopsis of the movie in an article talking about how it has been banned in the UK. As repugnant as the original was, I thought the sequel was simply a continuation of the original story. It’s actually a vast deal more reprehensible and disgusting. I’m not a big fan of censorship or litigation, but just based on the written description alone, I would be 100% in favor of an obscenity charge against the makers of this filth. The somewhat sanitized, 2-paragraph description I read of the movie was enough to offend my sensibilities, and that’s really saying something.

Same here, I dont usually champion censorship but then you read about movies like this…

There was a thread a while back about that horrible Lars von Trier film ‘Antichrist’. The plot description of that along with that of ‘A Serbian film’ made me feel even more sick than the ‘Human Centipede’.

What irks me the most is that at best, the makers of these films are having a laugh at the expense of the sensitivities of others, but alot of the time these directors seem to think they are visionaries making important observations on the state of society and/or human nature, to cover up their own perversity maybe. :mad:

I hope I dont come across like I m slandering anyone, obviously I dont know the makers of these films personally. However it is very possible to get traumatised by seeing certain things on screen.

I think cencorship is 100% ok in alot of cases, and this is certainly one of them. I’m very glad to see that the UK has banned it.
I love horror movies. Anything about the paranormal and some classic slasher films. I hate the torture horror movies though. They are poorley written, directed, and acted.
The plot of the first cetipede movie and this sequel just make me want to throw up. I have no desire whatsoever to watch it.
That said, it’s wrong to blame this kind of fild on hollywood.

I believe that, no matter how you look at it, this would meet the legal definition of obscenity. It’s nothing more than the most disgusting abuse and sexual debasement you’re likely to find in a movie. A friend of mine referred to this current batch of hardcore horror as “torture porn,” which is really a pretty fitting description. Any semblance of a story is secondary to them trying to push the boundaries and throw the most vile images on the screen they can come up with. Just based one what I’ve read, though, this pushes the limits even for torture porn and, depending on how they depict the scenes mentioned, could easily qualify more as porn than anything else. It strikes me as depravity for depravity’s sake. What little semblance of a plot this has seems like nothing more than a flimsy shell encasing one prurient scene after another. I can’t imagine it not getting an NC-17 rating, but even that sounds too lenient.

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