Human Monkey Chimeras


Scary. I heart of it from Eduard von Habsburg Lothringen on Twitter and people there were also mostly shocked. I’m sure the Church is against it.


What’s happening in the bump in the night thread ? I’ve missed it !

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We talked about the content of this thread before this thread was posted and basically just a few updates on my life, Purgatory, and St Jude.

I’m going over there in a bit I love that thread

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How do doctors plan on keeping the human and animal’s genetic material from mixing? Will the Human Accelerated Regions on non-coding DNA result in greater brain size in the offspring of the animal chimeras? Could non-coding DNA cause the human brain to decrease in size during embryogenesis of the human organ recipient’s offspring? Why wouldn’t such scenarios happen, given the influence of non-coding DNA on developmental genes?

I think scientists might be putting the cart before the proverbial horse. We need a better understanding of human RNA and non-coding DNA before we create human-animal chimeras.

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