Human perfection of Jesus

Had a quick question on Church teaching regarding the perfection of Jesus regarding his human nature. I know that he would be sinles but for example, during his career as a carpenter, would he be perfect? Perfect knowledge in the art, perfect designs every time? No mistakes that would cause customer complaint (not due to willful negligence but due to the fact that even artistisans make mistakes…)?

Or even perhaps a school exam? Straight A student every time (no studying required)?

Jesus willingly allowed himself to be limited by his human nature. He got hungry, tired, wept.

The Bible says that he grew in knowledge and wisdom. This tells us that he had to learn like everyone.

He was an infant. He didn’t pop out of the womb with perfect knowledge of theoretical astrophysics and perfect physical ability to craft a mahogany armoire He had to learn to walk and go potty like everyone else.

These things God did willingly, submitting his divine nature to our human nature except for sin.

There were times when he asserted his divine nature - walked on water, raised the dead, commanded the sea and sky to become calm.

He certainly had a perfect human mind. Consider the time he was found in the temple. Even Divine knowledge required to be expressed through His human head and voice.

So if He had lived in the 1900s, no doubt He would have been a remarkably knowledgeable & wise man.

But He was limited in the basic ways by His human life; He’d have become sleepy, or achy, or depressed (man of sorrows?) like everybody else.


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