Human Rights


I was wondering which order of the Catholic Church gets involved most in Human Rights I heard that the Jesuits were the ones, that they do a lot of work in Human Rights and Volunteering around the world.


Actually I believe its the Franciscans.

The Jesuits are generally considered the intellectual arm of the Catholic Church.

The Franciscans focus is on serving the poor.



My first thought was the Missionaries of Charity (Blessed Mother Teresa’s Order). They are popping up all over the world, and exist to serve “the Poorest of the poor”.


Hi Jim, what of the order of St. Terese of Cal cuter?


The Missionaries of Charity, are more involved with serving the basic needs of the poor, more than fighting for human rights on a political level. Although, their humble service flies in the face of
the oppressors.



Thanks Jim of coarse you are right i never thought of it that way.


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