Human Sacrafice in Bible


Does God approve of human sacrifice in the bible. I read the old law (Exodus 22:29) and it approves of it I think, and I think other verses might as well, also the sacrifice of Jesus was human as well. All in All does God approve of human sacrifice or not? Please help.


Absolutely NOT, GOD did not and does not approve of human sacrifices.

In fact the practice was carried out by several tribes that lived close to the Israelites and GOD went to extremes to teach the Israelites that they should become infected by these practices.

Jesus own death although is considered a sacrifice is not to be attributed to the human sacrifices that were done to false gods.

GOD justice demanded that in order to restore the breach caused by Adam (the day you eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil you will die) between the human race and GOD. However GOD Himself provided the sacrificial victim, HE did not demand a child or virgin or a man to be sacrificed since we simply could not repair the breech.

Jesus was the only worthy to do that.


Exodus 22:29 may mean offer the firstborn as dedicated to God like Samson. Not that they should be killed. :shrug:

Jesus is a different case…He was God in human form and was born to die for the sins of mankind. God 's Son offered to God, the Father!



God was testing Abraham & didn’t allow him to sacrifice his son, but showed him a ram to offer, instead.

Moses was not sacrificing those people…that was war.



This person is looking in the first place at the injunction that the first born male of any creature belongs to God.Even first born human males. Obviously that didn’t happen and a substitute was put in the child’s place. Could there be remnant of children sacrifice in that action ?
Maybe. But I doubt it .I think of Abraham and howthey could be emulating the Akedah and of God providing a substitute. But if a sacrifice is promised it has to be fulfilled, no matter what .Jepthah’ s daughter’s death is an example of rash oaths better left unsaid before you put your foot in your mouth,
.second reference is to the herem. It wasn’t a human sacrifice as much as it was to honour one’s God by destroying everything the found in a conquered town. That meant everything .no booty could be taken which would be a hardship to an army because whAt they got in battles fed, paid and clothed them and kept the army going.
Any deity could have a town dedicated to them. The main trouble is is really no solid evidence. Bone piles,something . Some of the enemy nation have destroyed Israel in such a way, which was just a big fat piece of propaganda.



Tell the guy “You need to read a little more thoroughly. Anytime you lift a a verse out of context you risk creating a fals pretext.”

If you read a few chapters further you will find Exodus 34:19-20
19 All that opens the womb is mine, all your malea] cattle, the firstlings of cow and sheep. 20 The firstling of an *** you shall redeem with a lamb, or if you will not redeem it you shall break its neck. All the first-born of your sons you shall redeem.


Can you guys read the verses on the link I provided a little better, some show deliberate human sacrifice.


I think the opening poster is asking about human sacrifice in the context of a religious rite where a priest kills a human victim as an offering to God.

**Genesis 22 ** God intervened miraculously to halt and prevent any human sacrifice.
Exodus 22 Giving them to the Lord did not mean to kill them.
Leviticus 27:28-29 Quote from Navarre Bible footnote: "In the sphere of judicial sanctions, “laid under ban” applies to every condemned wrongdoer (and in biblical law to be condemned means to be sentenced to death). Therefore, a person condemned to death was “laid under law” and could not be used as a slave or put to forced labour. The prescription in v.29 helped lessen any desire to accuse or condemn one’s neighbor in order to benefit the community or its leaders.
**Numbers 31:25-40 **These captives were not to be put to death, but were given to the priest Eleazar and to the Levites as their share in the booty - to become their property/slaves.
**Judges 11:29-40 **God never ordered Jephthah to make the vow or to sacrifice his daughter.
**2 Samuel 21: 1-14 **Again, God never ordered the handing over of Saul’s sons to the Gibeonites. The whole thing is a judicial judgment regarding retribution to the Gibeonites for a wrong committed against them by Saul. They were not killed as a sacrifice to be offered to God.
1 Kings 13:1-2 Not sure why you put this one in. No one was slain, and God actually healed Jeroboam’s hand at the request of the “man of God”.
**2 Kings 23:20 **Context is not sacrifice offered to God, but the king taking charge of his country to cleanse it of priests involved in heinous practices including human sacrifice. The altars were the pagan altars, not the altar/s of the Jewish temple
2 Chronicles 34:1-5 (same event as above – recorded in both 2 Kings & 2 Chronicles)

Jesus is a separate issue; it is not God ordering humans to sacrifice other humans. It is God accepting even death/execution to save humans from eternal damnation.


The firstborn sons who belonged to God were supposed to become the priests of Israel. This was the original plan; every family would have their firstborn as their priests.

Only after Israel disobeyed did God institute Aaron’s descendants as the only priests for Israel.

This was also one of the ways that Jesus was a priest; He was God’s firstborn.


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