Humanae Vitae , Contraception and Pope Paul VI's Predictions


So I was listening to an Audio from Trent Horn’s website and found an Audio on contraception by Janet Smith. Link to the predictions

So what do you guys think of the predictions? Seem pretty spot on!


I would say that his prediction is not a hundred percent accurate but a thousand percent.


Yes. I watched it all unfold. There was opposition to his words from inside and outside the Church. One thing shocked me about the reaction in 1968.

"Within 24 hours, in an event unprecedented in the history of the Church, more than 200 dissenting theologians signed a full-page ad in The New York Times in protest. Not only did they declare their disagreement with encyclical’s teaching; they went one step further, far beyond their authority as theologians, and actually encouraged dissent among the lay faithful.

"They asserted the following: “Therefore, as Roman Catholic theologians, conscious of our duty and our limitations, we conclude that spouses may responsibly decide according to their conscience that artificial contraception in some circumstances is permissible and indeed necessary to preserve and foster the values and sacredness of marriage.”

Source: Regnum Christi

1968 was the turning point. The dissidents, anarchists, Hippies and radicals wanted everyone to obey no authority but their own and live as they did. I was there. Smoke dope, use other illegal drugs, live with your girlfriend and denounce sound correction for living in open scandal, marriage became 'just a piece of paper that was not needed and fornication became ‘performing natural acts.’ I heard and saw what the goals were then, and for too many, they got what they wanted - abandoning sound teaching and the Church in too many cases.

Fortunately, God, through Pope Francis, is turning that around.



I found this recently so thought I would share it with everyone. The predictions are so spot on!


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