Humans on AMC 3 seasons


I just discovered the show a few weeks ago. It raises social questions using synthetic AI creatures. Anyone else watching?


I thought Humans was a great show! I didn’t realize season 3 was finally out…will have to watch it now!

It definitely brings up so many ethical dilemmas. I don’t think we’ll ever advance to this type of technology, but you never know…


There is a youtube with Jimmy Fallon interviewing a robot.


Wow…she is a lot more advanced than I would have thought.


The future will be here before we know it. :scream:


With all its ethical dilemmas.

I want to go back to season 1 and catch up.


I think I will have nightmares tonight about the Jimmy Fallon/robot clip. When, at 4:58-5:10, the robot said she had a ‘plan to dominate the human race’, then laughed awkwardly and got an evil expression on her face, I got chills down my spine. Disturbing!


If you haven’t seen the first two seasons, then definitely go back. You should watch them before season 3.


I agree!

Her facial movements and weird smile were a little disturbing, since they obviously can’t mimic a real person’s facial movements perfectly, yet.


Too late. I think I already finished season 3.

I was wondering if maybe there was someone with a microphone off stage responding to him. Probabaly not.


Lol, that’s too bad. You’ll have to go back to understand all the relationships.

I was just watching an episode of season 3, and in the opening credits there’s a flash scene of the Sophia robot with her creepy smile.

Kinda disturbing…:scream:


This is the sort of thing that makes me glad I have no television…


Ah! Heretic!!! No TV??

Actually, I’m being a little melodramatic, lol. The show is really good. :grin:


(Just an answer; not trying to hijack the thread)

I used to be addicted to television, to the point that, as soon as I walked in the door from work every evening I would switch it on, just to have noise going while I cleaned up, made dinner, etc. Then one night I was sitting there doing something really dumb. A show I liked came on at 8:00, followed by a show I didn’t like at 8:30, followed by another show I liked at 9:00. This is how addicted I was: I was actually sitting there suffering through the 8:30 show, waiting for the one at 9! The straw that broke the camel’s back was a commercial that came on, full of smug people loudly and rudely haranguing the viewer. I thought, ‘I wouldn’t put up with this treatment from a stranger on the street, yet here I am inviting it into my home, into my sanctuary.’ The next day I got rid of the set and haven’t looked at television since. That was fourteen years ago. Very happy!


Wow, that’s amazing, good for you! You never watch dvds either?

The commercials, price, and scheduling are some reasons why I only have Netflix and Hulu now (plus Amazon prime). I can always watch exactly what I want with no commercials and no waiting.


Oh sure, I have a huge collection of movies on DVD & Blu-Ray. I also have a secondhand set that a friend gave me to watch them on, but I gather that, in the intervening fourteen years since my ‘epiphany’, television now requires a digital hookup for your set in order to receive programming. It’s that hookup I lack, and I have no intention of obtaining one. So my set is essentially an analog video monitor: I can watch DVDs and Blu-Rays, but nothing else. Fine with me! :blush:


Hen did Anita become Mia? During the awakening?


Nope, I’m not gonna spoil it for you, heehe. Mia has so much history from before the Awakening.


ok. And I wont tell you what happens next. Binge worthy!:astonished:


1 more episode in season 1.

The synth personalities are so different! Max goes religious. Mia is a saint. And Niska is a mass murderer. I guess that is why when more awaken chaos ensues.

I have discussed with atheists who seem to think that there is no soul. It is all mechanics. We are basically meat machines ourselves. But we did not get to A.I. and rights of conscious beings.

I was glad to learn William Hurt is still alive. I guess I had him confused with John Hurt. I remember him from Altered States in his early years.

Laura needs therapy. Well actually, I guess they all do.

So we will watch last episode of the season tonight and try to stretch the others out for at least another week.

Synths are like any minority, some good, some messed up just trying to let their voice be heard for equal rights, not be treated like property. I am reminded of the Coldplay song, 'Square One"

“All you really want is someone listening to what you say”.


Odi goes to confession probably not knowing what it is and gets some pretty helpful advice, 'Help people".

I love this show. Odi, Max, Mia, my favorite characters…even Niska, poor tormented soul that she is.

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