Humans will eventually turn to “robots” for emotional satisfaction

I am truly scared by Europe’s views toward humanity. A german designer has created a robot/creature that feels like muscle and “breathes” as a real entity might, all for the purpose of keeping a human from being lonely.

“He envisions that people will turn to robots for the illusion of a living presence to satisfy their emotional needs…One of those future products is the so called “Funktionide“. It is an amorph object whose intention is to provide the owner with an atmosphere of presence thus counteracting the feeling of loneliness. In the visions future people are lonely and with all the new dimensions products offer, humans will eventually turn to “robots” for emotional satisfaction.”

Read more and see a video of the invention/robot here:

Japan has been working on androids to supply human caring for a couple decades. They may well be further down the path.

It is scary. Humans may well be turning to robots for more than just emotional relief.

I guess animals with real emotions don’t count anymore as companions. I have a little chihuahua here that knows when I cry and comes running up to me and licks my tears away. Even though I know that she’s probably just craving the salt in those tears, it always brings a smile to my face. Turning to robots is just plain scary.

This is just another example of how man is trying to replace God and His creation with man and his own image and “creation”.

Truly scary and spiritually dangerous indeed. :eek:


Why Sex With Robots is Always Wrong: The Impending Demise of the Human Species -

:eek::eek::eek: I also find this scary…

I find this website highly uncredible as a source.

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