Humbly taking your requests to Our Lady


In about a week and a half I hope (Lord willing) to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Wisconsin. I’d be more than happy to take any prayers, offers of thanksgiving or meaningful requests to Our Lady by those who post in this thread.

I will most likely be without Internet access by July 1st or 2nd, so please submit your requests before then.


Thank you kindly for this generous offer.

My humble request is for the grace of conversion (reversion) of my father, who is a lapsed Catholic slowly making his journey back home to the Church of Rome.


Thank you so much, “wxboss”! What a generous soul you are! May I offer more than one?

1.) For an end to abortion, world wide. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Innocent unborn… pray for us.

2.) Vocation to the priesthood for my nephew… “A.S.” (please remind Our Lady, that he was born on one of her feast days… and so, he belongs to her).

3.) For an end to the “confusion” in the lives of several family members (K.S., C.B., and K.S.)… who are struggling with financial and family issues. That they may recognize God’s Will for them… and follow it, despite apparent difficulties.

May Our Lady watch over you and God grant you a safe and enjoyable journey, “wxboss”. And thank you for taking us with you to Our Lady’s shrine! :thankyou: God bless.


Please remeber in your prayers for my brother-in-law Dale who is fighting cancer.


Absolutely! You can offer as many as you have a need or desire for.

This is really a unique opportunity for me. I have never visited a shrine, but I feel very compelled to this one, and I actually have a chance to visit it. I know that there are many out there that don’t have a chance to take such a pilgrimage, so I thought it only right (and a privilege) to personally take your requests on your behalf.

Please make sure that you get your requests in by the end of July 1st. :slight_smile:


Hi WX Boss :wave: – I agree with everyone here about your generosity of spirit. I’m sure this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you as well. Thank you so much. :thumbsup:

Please pray for my family and all our needs, spiritual and termperal and all families everywhere.


I appreciate your graciousness and that of others like MarieVeronica who have been too generous in their responses. We are a family - we help each other. It’s what we are commanded to do.

All of us share in this great promise: “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” :slight_smile:

Together…we are able to change the world! :hug3:


Ah, you are most kind. :slight_smile: I have a few here…

-For all of those suffering from loneliness, despair, or depression; may they remember that her Son holds them lovingly close to His Most Sacred Heart.

-For those who have trouble trusting God, especially in the area of vocation discernment.

-We ask that you please watch over all those who have recently graduated. May they stay on the right path, wherever that may lead them.

-May prejudice and intolerance be wiped away from hardened hearts…may they remember that we are all humans, and all God’s children, whether Hispanic or white, Catholic or not, or any other race, religion, gender, or social status.

-For a very good friend of mine, Alex…as I learn to let go of the past, may you always hold him close to your heart, and may he find true happiness in life.

Thank you ever so much for offering to do this. I hope that you have a very enjoyable trip. :slight_smile:

P.S. - If you ever get the chance to see Our Lady in Mexico City, act upon it…she truly is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.


Thank you so much for your generous offer! What a wonderful opportunity for you (and, by extension, for us!). There are four requests I would be very grateful if you would take for me:

  • I am hoping to make a significant career change; am going to be seeing a career coach later in July and am praying that finally I will be able to find a professional “fit” for me… I’m 42 and have yet to find my niche, though I’ve been employed almost constantly since I was 16!

  • I have a former friend who has gone through a complete personality change – he refuses to speak to me or even look at me, and I have no idea why. He is also acting oddly to other people. I know he has a complicated personal life, but I have no idea what is causing this behavior. It’s been almost two years now since he’s been “normal.” I say “former,” but I still consider myself his friend even if he is not mine. I pray that whatever it is can be resolved so that even if he no longer wishes to be friends with me, he no longer has to carry the burden that caused the change.

  • My emotional and physical health have been a bit wobbly lately. I am taking action in these spheres, but I would beg Our Lady’s prayers as well.

  • For my family and their myriad physical, financial, and other problems. I am the only person in my family who practices any religion whatsoever, so again I would covet Our Lady’s prayers for them, to add to my own small ones.

Thank you again so very much and God bless you for your kindness to us!

In Christ,



Oh THANK YOU so much for being so generous!

I have a selfish request:

After 15 years of infertility, I’m almost 22 weeks pregnant with our first child, and it’s a high risk pregnancy. Please pray that our baby arrives healthy and safely.

If I could add another request: Please pray for my family, especially my mom’s hearing and my half-brother’s diabetes.

I pray that you have a safe and blessed trip!!



Thank you so much for your offer. I meant to go here some time in the future.
Please offer my Thanksgiving to God through Our Lady of Guadalupe for me. I believe that it is Her who has guided me in my discernment to enter seminary for the program of priestly formation, and I have been recently accepted.

Please ask Virgin Mary to keep me closer and closer to Her Heart.

Have a safe trip.


“wxboss”… I have one more. I apologize for “sneaking” a political topic into the Spirituality Forum. But I’m very, very worried about the possible passing of the Climate Bill… and what it will mean for people like my mother and me, who live in “extreme weather” conditions (hot summers, cold winters). This bill will double our monthly electricity costs… and I’m currently unemployed (caring for my dear mother). We’re living on a fixed income and this could devastate us, financially.

I’m very worried about it. Dear soul, please take this concern to Our Lady.

Holy Mother, I pray that you will intercede for your suffering children in the United States. Especially for the elderly, the ill, the disabled, the unemployed and the impoverished. Of whom, there are many. And the numbers are growing. Have pity on us, Sweet Mother. Specifically in regards to the possible passing of the Climate Bill. The passage of this “Bill” would have a devasting effect on so many. Please intercede for us… with your Divine Son, and ask Him for His Mercy. Amen. :gopray:

(Thanks again, “wxboss” :hug1: )


thank you soo much!!! :slight_smile:

I’d be very grateful if you took this request for me:
that my family (mom and dad) would come to the Sacraments, and that my grandmother would find faith in God (for her conversion).
I also want to thank Our Lady for all her help and for being such a loving Mother to me, and helping to guide me to the Church.

thanks again and God bless you!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!


wx, what a thoughtful, generous offer! God bless you!!

My petition is for the conversion of my wonderful son-in-law, James.



Thank you so much, wxboss, for taking our requests with you. I hope you have a very fruitful pilgrimage.

Please pray for my friend M.H. to find employment.
Please pray for my daughter K.M.L. to do God’s will in her life.
Please pray for all priests struggling with their vocation, especially L.B.
Please pray for the intentions of my dear husband, J.A.L.
Please pray for the healing of a painful wound of mine.

Thank you again, and may you have a safe and happy journey.



Thank you so much for your generous offer! Please remember my cousin, Pat, who has been fighting alchoholism and drug addiction for years and is at wit’s end and his mother, Betty, who is practically blind and very hard of hearing, but a wonderful woman. We pray for their healing and his conversion. Also, for Pat’s brother, Mike, and his family.

By the way, you should enjoy that shrine. We went there last fall and it stunningly beautiful. The confessions are very good, the priests and staff are very kind – esp and older Asian gentleman who drives the carts up the hill to the main shrine, and it is a holy place. Also, if it is available – I think primarily on weekends – try the breakfast/lunch buffet at the gift shop on the parking level.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip! God bless,


When I first received the inspiration for taking this pilgrimage, I must admit, it was based on purely selfish motives.

After reading all of your requests, I can tell you truthfully that ‘my motives’ were very small in comparison to the desires you’ve shared with me.

You all have made this upcoming journey much more meaningful! :heaven:


My friends,

Tomorrow, my Internet connection will be shut off as I begin the trek to Our Lady of Guadalupe. I will first be stopping by to see my Mother for a couple of days, then I plan on being at the shrine on Sunday.

Please pray for my safe journey, and if I can get an Internet connection while I’m there, I’ll post back to confirm the delivery of your requests.

I’m very touched by the requests I received to this thread both posted publicly and sent via PM.

I hope to post back in a week! :slight_smile:

God Bless,



Thank you so much for this offer. If you don’t mind, I’ll ask two of you and Our Lady: that my grandparents be converted, and that I might find out God’s will for my vocation. I could use all the prayers I can get. :stuck_out_tongue:

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