Humility and Pride


Humility says, “I must pray to God and not presume His Mercy”

Pride says, “God will have mercy on me even if I don’t hope in God”

Humility says, “I must ask others to pray for me and not just pray for others or myself, for by prayer I help God save souls”

Pride says, “I don’t need others’ prayers because God will have mercy on me anyways”

Humility says, “Prayer is God’s gift and I must thank Him for it”

Pride says, “I can pray however I want, because God dose not care how I pray”


Oh, this is good and so commonly said, but as St. Paul said - things may be permissible but that doesn’t make them good for me.


humility says, “i will shut myself up in my private room, pray, make sacrifices, implore that they are acceptable to God, and beg that no man may see me.”

Pride says, “I will go forth in public in hopes of the others seeing how well I can pray and preach and they can admire.”

(St. Aloysius Gonzaga would draw a likeness of the Eucharist on a wall near him but would quickly erase it upon anyone’s approach)


Pride, the root of all sin, including presumption. Even variations on presumption. Like when I was walking through a casino a couple of weeks ago, looking at the hundreds and hundreds of people, most of them old enough to worry about the grim reaper a’knockin any day now, eyes glued to video screens, waiting for the big payout, and me wanting to scream at them “WAKE UP!!”

It is I who need to wake up. I don’t know anything about these people, loved greatly by God. Do I know anything about why they are in the casino? Like extreme loneliness? Who am I to presume the state of their souls? Who am I to presume anything? Who am I to judge? Who am I to do anything but to pray for mercy from God for their souls, but mostly for my own?

Pride. Slips in so easy, you don’t even know it.



WOW. I love your posts, very thoughtful, but this blows me out of the water. I can’t even think of the correct words right now. God Bless. KC


My dear friend Eucharisted

Very nice. Thank you.

God bless you friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Dear Tim, to learn this lesson as you have can only be possible through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. There was something said in “Imitation of Christ” to this extent: if only everyone would remember to mind their own business!


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