Humility of Mary Day: Communities


July 17 is the feast of the Humility of Mary. There are two congregations named for such.


Almost my entire life has been affected by the HM’s. They taught me in school, and then i worked for their hospital for 32 years, and I don’t live too far from the Villa Maria, which I have visited a few times. When I was young they wore the blue habit, and I noted the article stated the western sisters wore black, so I’m a little confused–they were definitely western and definitely blue.

Now they do not wear a habit at all–they wear a silver pin, though, and even the elderly ones that I know dress in regular clothes. But for some reason, I can always spot a Sister, even is street clothes. :smiley:


Carolyn, the “western” community is the one in Iowa. The two split in soon after the sisters came to the US. Part of the issue was ethnic; one group remained significantly French, while the other quickly became largely Irish.


Thank you for the memory. The PA site showed a sister in modified veil and blue habit. I’d only known of blue Humility habits, so the article could be wrong.


Thank you. I understand now.:slight_smile:


I noted that one of the deceased sisters looked to be in the old habit. However, I have not seen an HM sister in a habit for at least 25 years, even at the Villa, but then again I haven’t seen them all. There may be some older ones who still wear the habit, but I can’t say for sure.

Anyway, seeing the picture of the deceased Sister in her habit brought back some memories for me from my Catholic school days!


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