Humility - Source of Joy


Reflecting with Opus Dei "Humility - Source of Joy"

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The knowledge that the absolute Being is a personal God of infinite perfection, who has created us, maintains us in existence and reveals himself to us a with a human face in Jesus Christ, fills the soul of someone who is humble with great happiness. A humble person find in the beauty of created things a reflection of God’s generous love, and wants to share this knowledge with others.

The reaction of a proud person and a humble person are also very different when faced with God’s call. A person who is proud hides behind a false modesty, claiming to have few talents, since he does not want to give up the world he has built for himself. In contrast, a humble person is not deterred by the thought that he is not worthy to attain sanctity. The invitation to enter into communion with God, though disconcerting, brings great joy.


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