HUMOR - Motu Propio cover letter - HUMOR

This is a JOKE…but it’s a good one! :thumbsup:

It has recently been reported the Pope Benedict XVI has personally composed a letter to the Bishops to accompany the ‘Motu Proprio’ when it is released.

**My Dearest Brother Bishops,

Please find the enclosed ‘Motu Proprio’ regarding the use of the 1962 missal in your Diocese. Please read it carefully as there will be a test.

For any priest, Bishop, or theologian who decides that they need to find the nearest T.V. camera to accuse me of bringing back the dark ages please remember the following:

You may recall that in my previous post of 24 years, I was head of the office formerly known as the Inquisition. So rest assured that I have many methods of persuasion. Further, it may interest you to know that the basement of the Vatican has some historically significant, (but still fully functional) remnants of some of the more ‘colorful’ periods in the Office of the Inquisition’s past.

For those of you who think that this “Motu Proprio’ is merely a concession to the Lefebvrists and therefore not relevant to you or your diocese, you might be interested in a recent conversation that I had with Bishop Fellay of the SSPX. He has informed me that they are currently looking for a new global headquarters. I would be happy to offer him your diocese as a preferred location. Ideally, perhaps you could even share office space. You might then find it relevant.

Finally, for those Bishops who find it impossible to comply with the ‘Spirit of the Motu Proprio’ with the same verve by which you implemented the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’, I have reserved several key dioceses. These include, but are not limited to, Eastern Siberia, Tierra del Fuego, Chernobyl, and New Brunswick New Jersey. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you would be interested in one of these key assignments.**

LOL :rotfl:

Not really finding the humor there.

Very good!

Particularly the ‘Spirit of the Motu Proprio’. :smiley:

There is no diocese “New Brunswick, NJ”. It’s Newark, NJ. But why is this an issue. Bishop Myers is wonderful!!!


I don’t know Micki. It’s just a parody.
God bless you and God bless Bishop Myers!

I’ll laugh myself silly if “The spirit of the Motu Propio” becomes a new catch phrase! THAT would be some beautiful irony!

:gopray: If we ever get a moto propio!

Maybe the rumor is enough.:slight_smile:


fun stuff :smiley:

And if the truth be known, it’s probably what B XVI feels like telling them lol.

i just had to send this to some friends…

Eastern Siberia, eh?

That’s kinda a double banishment, isn’t it? :smiley:

(I mean, there are few if none Catholics in Eastern Siberia, but there are Russian Orthodox who are just completely fond of Latin bishops roaming in their land.)

There’s no reason one can’t be created. Behold your jurisdiction: an 8 mile stretch of the NJ Turnpike.

This would be the ecclesiastical equivalent of community service, picking up cigarette butts on the side of the road whilst wearing one of these:

(Yes, Jake – I copied that from your post :))

Is that a fiddleback prison shirt? :smiley:

Preferable if the word ‘Inmate’ is in Latin along with handcuffs that looks like Maniples. Also have them count every cigarette butt they in Latin. :smiley:


That was amusing. Thanks!

We can threaten to name him Patriarch of the Gulags and the Russian Orthodox. Don’t you think [edited by Moderator] would shape up after that threat?

I hear the Vatican needs some janitors.

Haha! I saw whose name you put in there before it was edited out, and let me say YES, that would be BRILLIANT! :thumbsup: :rotfl:

Thread resurrection so more may appreciate this humor

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