Hundreds dead in escalating Ethiopian conflict, sources say

I think the multiple news stories out there also say the Ethiopian Air Force carried out some bombing raids on this renegade region of Tigray state (which per wikipedia is mostly Christian). The president has denied the situation is too serious.

Tigray crisis: Ethiopia carries out airstrikes - Abiy Ahmed

By Giulia Paravicini

DANSHA, Ethiopia (Reuters) - An escalating conflict in Ethiopia’s restive Tigray region has killed hundreds of people, sources on the government side said, even as the prime minister sought on Monday to reassure the world his nation was not sliding into civil war.

The flare-up in the northern area bordering Eritrea and Sudan threatens to destabilise Africa’s second most populous nation, where ethnic conflict has already killed hundreds since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took over in 2018.

Reuters reporters travelling in Tigray and the neighbouring Amhara region saw trucks packed with armed militia and pickups with mounted machine-guns rushing to the front line in support of the federal government push.

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