Hundreds flock to US Capitol to protest money in politics, hundreds arrested


Hundreds of protesters flocked to the U.S. Capitol Monday for a demonstration against the role of money in politics, prompting arrests of more than 400 by the Capitol police force.

                                          Democracy Spring said they were going to do this. And to think I was watching it on RT, when no US source I could find was reporting it. :D


I bet most of the protesters support Bernie Sanders.


So Americans have to go to RT to find out what is happening in the USA?


The irony is that it is big money (George Soros) who is using his “money in politics” to protest money in politics.


They’re hypocrites. They don’t hate money in politics. They just hate money that disagrees with them in politics.


Today is another sit in at the Capitol Building with the theme being “Elders Standing For Democracy Spring” mass arrests expected. Tomorrow is for Racial Justice and imagine that one will draw the most attention.


Would you object to Soros’ spending in Ukraine and in Europe?

. Washington Times

Now for some bigger and profoundly serious stuff. Several states are under siege from multinational corporations that have threatened to pull their business, just as corporations successfully bullied Indiana over a religious liberty law last year.

The anti-progressives are hypocrites. They don’t hate multi-national corporations threatening to withdraw investment and jobs in a locale. They just hate them when they shun states that do not side with conservatives in the culture wars.


RT reporting multiple arrests being made again today at the Capitol Building.


If protesters want to be arrested, they can easily find ways. The rules for protest in DC are well known to the activist community: you can not loiter in front of the White House, Capitol Building or Supreme Court Building. Protesters are required to stay on their feet and to keep walking. In the case of a sit-in, police in Washington DC will first warn them to move on. If they refuse, and persist, they will be arrested.

Protesters sometimes seek to be arrested for the sake of publicity. They hope to peddle themselves as martyrs for their cause.

Here is another such example, from a couple years ago:

More Than 100 Protesters Arrested Outside White House Over Deportations

Protesters arrested are typically detained briefly, then released pending their court date.


I wonder if old lefties ever get drinking and then argue over who got arrested more times. But seriously, since none of this has involved violence, it would be funny if the police refused to arrest them.


Yes, actually, I would.

I think large corporations should stay out of politics completely. No good comes of it.

Neither should they use their economic clout or money to fund election bids of politicians. Candidates should only be permitted to receive funding from private individuals and that should be capped.


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