Hundreds march in Seattle for immigrant rights(May Day)



The boisterous rally started in South Seattle and headed to Westlake Park downtown, with demonstrators waving red signs seeking an end to deportations and “poverty wages” and calling for a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

Violence has plagued May Day in Seattle during the past two years, with protesters challenging police in the streets and sometimes stealing the thunder of much larger daytime events.

Last year, police arrested 18 people from a crowd that pelted them with rocks and bottles.

Seattle police say there has been more anti-authority rhetoric leading up to this year’s May Day events.

And New York…

At Union Square groups like The Socialist Appeal were selling copies of Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” for $2 and passing out fliers. Live funk music and songs like Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” and Bob Marley’s “Get up, Stand up” provided a backdrop for the demonstrations.

May Day is very popular in China. It is a major celebration there but it is a communist country.

I didn’t realize that we celebrated this event in the United States. Are there other cities that have May Day celebrations?



Why is the United States the only country that gets nailed for enforcing it’s immagration laws? Check out Mexico vs. Guatamala or any Asian country’s enforcement, etc. Just as we had to learn about stopping unlimited usage of our natural resources ( timber, mining etc) we have had to learn that the unlimited immagration of the 1800’s is no longer an option.


May Day celebrations were taken over by the communists in teh 20th century. Those in Seattle are not-so-subtle communists marching. Don’t believe the facade they try to portray, the red flags are intentional.


From last year, but worth a repost:

May 02, 2013

Yet Again, Anarchists Highjack Peaceful Left Wing Protest

I am just sick to death of these peaceful socialist and communist gatherings being highjacked by politically unaffiliated anarchists who have no political affiliation and no relation at all to the organized American political left. They also have no political affiliation whatsoever.

Thankfully, our media is quite competent at being able to immediately identify exactly which members of this organized group are doing the rock-throwing and window-smashing. As of yet, there has not been one socialist or communist crossing over into the violent group, which is a great relief. No one would want their important message tainted by such displays of violence. It is a unique and useful skill to be able to make these on-the-fly determinations of the makeup of groups when they turn violent and it’s a good thing these people all have jobs in the media.


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