Hundreds of campuses encourage students to turn in fellow students for offensive speech


Hundreds of campuses encourage students to turn in fellow students for offensive speech

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Yet at hundreds of campuses across the country, administrators encourage students to report one another, or their professors, for speech protected by the First Amendment, or even mere political disagreements. The so-called “Bias Response Teams” reviewing these (often anonymous) reports typically include police officers, student conduct administrators and public relations staff who scrutinize the speech of activists and academics.

This sounds like the stuff of Orwell, although even he might have found the name “Bias Response Team” to be over-the-top.

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The threat to expressive rights isn’t confined to speech from the Left or the Right. Bias reporting systems are being used to report all kinds of speech.

At Appalachian State University, students reported on one another for chalked messages that were pro-Trump as well as chalked messages calling Trump a “RACIST.” The former were reported by students as “hate speech,” the latter “politically biased slander” that was “unlawful.”

While students at Ohio State University reported each other for comparing Hillary Clinton to Hitler, …!

Note the involvement of police.


Modern American college students often seem so terribly emotionally fragile and easily triggered. It’s very frightening to witness how dumb and weak and ineffectual people are being trained to be. One is reminded of pre-World War Two Germany, when that country was a nation of paranoid police informants. None of this could possibly bode well for America’s future.

Also, I mean no offense to any of the many college students here on CAF. It’s just quite shocking and alarming to older people to see how drastically the university environment and mind-set has changed. By and large, American students used to have much more resilience.


I would also add that being a Catholic on most U.S. college campuses is an act of rebellion in and of itself, and there’s no reason why that same spirit of rebelliousness couldn’t be applied toward not following the trends described in this article.

Catholics who by their behavior displayed brains and integrity on their campuses would be engaged in evangelization in a very real and practical way.


It is frightening and I believe it to be part of a deliberate conditioning.

FWIW, if you read through the article comments you will find many mentions of the word, statsi, so at least some people have retained a bit of their history lessons.


I think a lot of them do, but these kids just want to get a degree and get out. The loudmouth regressive left and SJWs are probably not the majority. In fact most young people like the older generations feel being PC is a big problem today, but they don’t have the power to deal with it.

Even Milo and Shapiro tell the kids to keep their head down because the fact is (I will add) many companies are still stuck on this stupid idea you need a degree and administrators and professors will ruin students they disagree with because in many cases they are just as immature as the SJWs!

The only person I’ve heard who is telling people to fight within the system is Jordan Peterson, who is in Canada where free speech no longer exists unless one is gay or Muslim. But he spoke in general terms, I believe, about his colleagues, not so much students.

The big problem is all these people who just hand money over to schools for the basketball and football team. :rolleyes: and state legislators too scared to stand up and defend this nonsense.

I think there are serious issues with society if they are relying on unsure 19 year-olds to lead this fight.

But you’ve got to give folks like Ariana Rowlands credit for standing in the trenches. :thumbsup:


Let me put it like this:

Ben Shapiro, a pro-life, pro-marriage Jewish man, is banned (along with Milo who is pro-life) from DePaul University.

Julie Bindel, who is a British lesbian feminist, has trigger warnings posted on her publications because she doesn’t quite fit the mold.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Black Somali immigrant, has trouble getting speaking gigs.

Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock refuse to perform on college campuses.


These instances provide fantastic opportunities for dialogue and education. Critical thinking skills can be honed by discussing the merits of or problems with comparisons between politicians and Hitler, for example. Policing this sort of thing does nothing to enlighten these students.


Ben Shapiro was not banned becasue he was pro life or jewish. Neither was milo.


All of which leaves me so puzzled that Trump and his supporters are being compared to "1984,” Nazis, etc. Clearly the “thought police” and “speech police” and Red Guard-type “informers” of today are those allied with the “liberal” Left and today’s Democrat Party. To say nothing of the voices from MSNBC, to name one network, and various others in academia, recommending a literal re-education camp for so-called “climate change deniers.” And TRUMP is Orwellian?


The birth of the Thought Police in America.


Maybe they all need a participation trophy, just like in youth dance or soccer. Perhaps that will mollify them…


They were banned because DePaul administers are scared of Black Lives Matter and SJWs.

Very shameful for a “Catholic” school.




Perhaps it’s time to cut some of their funding, since it appears they are wasting taxpayer money.


Ideas like this seem nice but common sense will tell you that it will get abused.

action should be taken against students who are guilty of hate speech (note: not offensive). And I imagine that most workplaces and schools are already doing something if a student or employee were to flat out say something racist, for instance. So why all of this?

The problem is that the definition of it keeps changing and widening to the point where it’s not even hate speech that is being tackled, but more of differing opinions (eg. “i am pro life” as sexist) I don’t know how students like that are going to survive in the real world.


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This will be an amazing policy the first time a five star recruit is nailed for language on the field, even to his teammates of the same color. Then, we will truly have equality.




This. :thumbsup:


Do you think he was banned due to security concerns?

If so, then what a message we send to the destructive rioters.

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