Hundreds of classified documents found on Petraeus’ mistress’ laptop: FBI


FBI agents found hundreds of classified documents on Paula Broadwell’s home computers in Charlotte during their investigation into her relationship with then-CIA Director David Petraeus, according to newly unsealed FBI documents obtained by the Observer.
More than 300 of those documents were classified as secret, according to a 2013 FBI affidavit accompanying the agency’s request to search Petraeus’ home in Arlington, Va.
The documents, which were unsealed Tuesday by the U.S. District Court in Eastern Virginia, offer new details of the sweeping federal investigation into the relationship between Broadwell, a Charlotte author, and Petraeus, a highly decorated military commander, the subject of Broadwell’s book as well as her former lover.

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I bet the JD will be far more likely to prosecute Petraeus than it will Hillary. Both are wrong.


And while both should be handled fairly, in Hillary’s case, we are talking about Top Secret classifications, not Secret. At least Broadwell was cleared, IIRC.

Both knew better, and have no business leading the country if they are that indiscriminate with national security or integrity.


Pataeus already was prosecuted and found guilty


Yup. Justifiably too.


Actually, he pled guilty.


Petraeus should have been prosecuted for these 300 classified emails, and was.

Hillary Clinton won’t be prosecuted for her thousands of classified emails.


frustrating isn’t it?


Petraeus would have been a strong candidate for president. I am sure that he is the first one to recognize that his breach of trust disqualifies him for the job.

People get that. They understand that. Even Hillary understands that too.

About half of the people get that the same hold trues for Hillary.
That is how partisan politics work.

But she is the first woman to be nominated for POTUS. That is all that matters.
Genitalia trumps character, according to Identity Politics.


It would be amusing if it weren’t so sad. Quite possibly a profoundly corrupt and likely criminal person could escape justice and, moreover, be elected president of the United States. Criminals are offered “sanctuary” from the law in some places just because they broke the law and for no other reason.

But we, the “working peasantry” are expected to obey it in every jot and tittle, including nuns who dedicate their lives to the most virtuous living imaginable and notwithstanding that it profoundly violates their consciences to do it.

And they, and we, are exhorted to “change our religion” to accommodate the lawbreakers.


It’s frightening. I wonder who’s generation is going to be judged harsher, Jesus’, or ours. :frowning:


Broadwell probably hacked into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured server to get the documents. :slight_smile:


Our own.
Destroying a third of each successive generation is on the scale of the Apocalypse.


Yet there are those who,will defend Hillary Clinton to the end.A few of them are here on this forum. They declare their love and admiration for her every chance they get. :rolleyes:
Beyond the sheer absurdity of supporting such a corrupt individual,the more concerning aspect is that the morals of our country have devolved to such an extent that she is even allowed to run in the first place.Like Donal Trump or not.However,there is nothing in his past that rises to the level of the deceitful and underhanded actions of both Hillary and Bill.


Has anyone considered the fact that the person to who he gave the classified information had security clearance herself?


No authority to have classified information on a personal computer or any other unsecured device. Classified material is to be secured at all times. Also, the person who has requested access to the material must have a security clearance and a need to know.

Disobey this law and the perpetrator is up for charges leading up to and including espionage. Nobody should get a pass!


Could you imagine the temptation that must come with the job as CIA director?!!!

Just think, any of the big mysteries of our past, you now have access to all the stuff that was never released to the public and kept secret!! Im sorry, but I would stay at work 24/7 for probably the first month just reading night and day!


We are talking more than TS.


Very true, I was generalizing, and going any deeper would require more explanation than is healthy.


Very true.

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