Hundreds of NYPD officers turn backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at funeral of slain Det. Wenjian Liu


The more I read about Deblasio the less respect I have for him.


There is every chance that the reaction of the NYPD to his face at that funeral was not political, but visceral.

This was not a planned strategic maneuver, but a spontaneous expression of contempt.


I agree and I don’t think Deblasio is doing anything to help himself. He is still pointing fingers.


His news conference yesterday added fuel to the fire.


I opted out of posting the story,

But two policemen in NY were shot last night but NOT serious, still one of them was shot in the back, maybe he was wearing some armor.

In another related story, that Juror in Ferguson is saying she/he is going to sue and that the jury was misled. As of now, I’m not seeing much in the story unless it grows. She/He was not the only juror there.


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