Hundreds of teens trash New York mall in wild flash mob


                        And in Jacksonville Florida Wednesday night []( 

                      Life in Obama's America.


Dude, what in blazes have we come to as a nation? Our children are a mess.


This is disgusting, but I don't see how it's Obama's fault. On a side note, I thought that "flash mobs" were when everyone starting singing and dancing, not fighting and looting.


I think we'd see safer streets if the morning news read "50 Youths To Be Charged With Mob Action In Mall Riot".


Girls just wanna have fun.


This is rioting plain and simple. Rioting calls for security or police to shoot on sight. A few deaths would make future rioters reconsider


Sad, but true. watch johnny bleedout outside of A&F and see if it has an impact.

Unfortunately, the lawsuits from parents would never end.

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When I see stories like this, I cannot help but feel ashamed to be a part of the "Millennial Generation" :( . I will pray for them.


Vast quantities of pepper spray and prosecution to the fullest extent possible.


Wow. What on earth has happened to our nation to make our children into such uncivilized, selfish, criminals like this?? I know that not all of our children are like this and I am very grateful to God for that but apparently there are at least a few hundred out there like what is described in this article. It makes me wonder if our nation has slipped so far into the pit of moral relativism that now kids like these honestly believe that they are not doing anything wrong by doing such things. Truly our nation is no longer a Christian nation but is rather a nation of heathens. :frowning:


You are recommending your nation’s police kill teenagers engaged in such behaviour? I find it rather odd to see that view on a Catholic forum.


None of them looked like my children.

Then again i knew that would be the case even before watching the video.


That looks like a :thumbsup:


That’s the white version


Oh you mean they white washed the news and what happens with flash mobs is worse than is normally said?


Shoot them? How Catholic.

As a side note, I’d like to add that rolling down the metal security gates while the shop is occupied is a violation of the fire code. If one of these dear children had thrown a Molotov Cocktail in, there could have been a disaster. Often merchants only emergency plan seems to be protect their property, as opposed to the public, and their employees. Remember people first!


I do believe he meant:

White flash mobs= spontaneous acts of cheer and happiness to be enjoyed by passerby

Black flash mobs= senseless acts of violence to cause pain and suffering


He should have said so! I had considered he might have meant such a thing, but then I thought, ‘No Jharek that could not be the case on a Catholic website where one of the tenets of our faith is that there is no Jew or Greek etc in Christ’.


But Latin Rite would still be right though.

This is a uniquely young Afro-American problem.

Sometimes reality is racist, nothing you can do about it. :shrug:


Really, we had rioting here in the UK not so long ago you may recall where I live constantly and I assure you there were plenty of white faces running around in the riots. I happened to witness that first hand as I live in one of the areas which was worst affected and saw black, white and asian kids trashing local supermarkets and businesses which in turn belonged to black, white and asian owners. Much of that rioting was organised by BBM which is a social media app popular on Blackberry model phones. Kids were texting each other and exchanging messages as to where to meet up. In Birmingham much of the city’s major shopping area was trashed and the kids openly boasted on camera of using facebook, BBM and other social media apps to notify each other and put out the message that free goods could be had that night.

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