Hundreds of Thousands of Students from 22 Countries Take Part in Silent Pro-Life Protest Tomorrow

TROY, Ohio, October 20, 2008 ( - Stand True, Christ-Centered Pro-life, will hold its fifth annual Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity on Tuesday, Oct. 21. As of this morning hundreds of thousands of students from over 4,000 campuses worldwide have registered to take part in this…

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As usual, if it happened anywhere here in the midwest, it was not reported on local tv or radio stations…Tomorrow, I will scan the local papers and see if there is a little blurb, I am not holding my breath unless there were protestors. They will make the news rather than the prolifers.

Absolutely zero “chatter” from the MSM

I haven’t even heard about this until now. I’m very happy to here there are so many students in support of life. From the news, I thought everyone was pro-death.

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