Hundreds Or Even 900 Years?


Have to be honest, this is sounding a bit derogatory. Let’s remember to be intellectually hospitable. (Welcome and value other opinions even if we disagree, based on the fact that we are all made in the imago Dei, the image of God.)

I think we need to get this thread back on topic.


Sounds good.

So, this deals with the OP and their response about age.


What’s the Sumerian?


This is something I don’t experience in my country. I wonder why.


Just, “wow”.


Sumer is the earliest known civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq. From there we get the earliest written records known.


Sometimes opinions merit derogation. Insulting an idea is fine; insulting the individual who holds it is trickier.


You ain’t missing much, sister.


So, getting back on topic, which Catholics here doubt people lived up to 900 years old, and for those who do believe it, how exactly could that have happened?


The book of Genesis talks about the increase of sin among (for example) the Amorites - who are the descendants of Lot - and the Canaanites. The lifespans of the people decrease as sin in the world increases. Long life was seen as a blessing and a sign of greatness. Moses, for example, lives 120 years. Other heroes like Tobiah and Judith are also assigned long lifespans.

It’s didactical.




Is there any scientific support, at all, that shows humans ever lived that long? Or could it be that it’s just in the Bible, and up for interpretation?




So Yoda was a antediluvian refugee who escaped earth before the Flood came!


It cannot be determined just from bones. Scientists can look at wisdom teeth, size of the skull, ossification, bones fused together and other clues. Then compare to ‘standard’ skeletons to estimate a person’s age at death. That’s all.


Have any scientists ever been able to determine or even suggest people could’ve lived that long?


Do we as Catholics have to believe humans lived way into these looooooog ages, or are we free to not believe it?



A poetic form of writing, or perhaps a different calendar.


So, are you saying that we’re not required to believe humans lived into their 600s to 900’s?


No, people don’t actually live that long (obviously). Even less so in the past.

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