Hundreds Or Even 900 Years?


For all we know, each season could have been considered a year. We are also at liberty to interpret it figuratively.


No. A bone’s cross section is not like a tree trunk, which has rings to indicate its age.


Study of supercentarians has led to the conclusion that there is no maximum lifespan. Probability of death in the next year plateaus after 113 or so (albeit at a very high level). While no human life in excess of 122 years was recorded to the satisfaction of the World Gerontology Society or the Guinness Book of World Records, there are plausible claims even in our midst of people living to 130 or even 150.

Furthermore, claims of extremely long-lived patriarchs are not unique to the Bible: Greek, Hindu and Sumerian documents speak of people living much longer in the previous age.


This. The Sumerian list of kings confirms longer life spans before the flood and shorter after the flood.


So, you believe humans lived many hundreds of years back then?


These two in my opinion…


If the eventual decrease in lifespan goes along with the tide of increasing sin then is life a “righteousness test?”


It makes sense to me yes. Humans being better genetically at first, more resistant to the natural environment and to diseases. And this degrading over time.


I think it just shows how corruption has affected human life. Many saints have died young, but in the Old Testament death was different since Heaven was not available.


“Naturally as we did not start on a perfect timeline this would require a temporal point of reference which would slowly creep forward. Eventually the past would be set in stone for those who had not been reborn… even for those who are yet to be. Eventually people may not even be able to back up, because they would not be able to prevent the end times. Someone is going to have gone through life one time, having made very few mistakes.”

I think that some1 just discovered how they were supposed to behave and would have done too much and got a paradox caused on them.


What I’m asking is this: Did people REALLY live up until those ages (from a scientific viewpoin)t, or didn’t they? And if not, is there some other explanation for those years accounted in the Bible?


I feel like people have answered this really thoroughly already. I don’t know that you’re going to get more than individual opinions.


from a scientific viewpoint… What if science was there to prove religion? Yes I do believe people lived up to those ages from a religious viewpoint.


So the bottom line is this:

As Catholics we don’t have to believe people lived 900+ years. We’re free to believe it or to not believe it,

Some people here believe they did live 900+years and some don’t.



Yes, that seems accurate.


Boom Boom, are you responding to my Post # 108?


Is that a quote from Yoda or the Knox Bible?

I always have trouble telling the two apart😂



You are free to believe as a Catholic that the ages of the Genesis patriarchs are either literal or symbolic.

Investigate both view points and decide which one makes more sense to you personally and which belief you feel comfortable with.

Questions like this are defined as “theological opinion.”

They are not discipline, not doctrine, and not dogma - meaning the Church doesn’t define or decree them.

There is a range of various opinions which a Catholic may hold in good faith on this topic.


Right. Hope, this is something that the Church doesn’t have a definitive answer on. You can believe it’s literal or not. Weigh out the ideas and come to your own conclusion. Either answer is fine.


Are you a Catholic, BoomBoom?

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