Hungarian Foreign Minister: We Want a Christian Hungary, a Christian Europe


Do you see defense of the Christian faith as synonymous with defense of sovereignty, especially in the face of an EU that is criticized for showing less and less respect for state autonomy and democracy?

Yes, actually the European Union is a hostage to hypocrisy and political correctness and this keeps Europe away from being brave enough to speak up for its Christian heritage. We think that freedom is one of the most important values of Europe, and freedom of religion must be at the top of this category. Freedom of religion is a God-given right and so no man can take it away from anyone. So without having religious freedom, we definitely can’t speak about freedom at large in Europe, and nowhere else in the world.


Can’t have a Christian Hungary with hordes of scary muslims coming in.

And to heck with what Jesus said regarding welcoming the stranger.


I agree with the Foreign Minister.


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