Hungarian leader says US wants to see Europe fill up with migrants


                               Viktor Orban is rapidly becoming one of my favorite world leaders.


We’re hypocrites to advocate resettlement of migrants in Europe while accepting so few migrants ourselves. We should step up.


We don’t even have housing for homeless vets, how are we supposed to house 1000s more immigrants?


Not put them in federal housing. Be friendly and personal. We’re very insulated from any discomfort in this country, and it’s not healthy.


Did you happen to see that speech where he was talking about the EU?


Nope, we should stick to the UN Agreement on refugees, which calls for refugee support near their original borders and a focus on restoring stability, so they can return to their homes.

Shipping small numbers half way around the world doesn’t fix the problems in their home country.


Exactly. We need to make sure our own citizens are cared for before we go off to save the rest of the world. So far, veterans have been treated terribly. They risked their lives and when they need help, we ignore them to look elsewhere to lavish our attention and resources? That’s wrong. “Charity begins at home.”


300% of them would vote Democrat.


Europe and the United States ought to do the right thing and accept as many refugees as possible. These are people created in the image of God just like the rest of us.


“Do the right thing” is already codified in the UN agreement on refugees,
it doesn’t include ‘open borders’

We should shelter and feed them near their home countries, stabilize the region, then assist with effective self governance.


I think Orban is absolutely right about Soros’ intentionally “weaponizing” the human beings who are being forced to flee war zones. It’s one of many reasons why Russia has banned him outright, and his hundreds of NGOs, too, which are, of course, nothing more than CIA and Mossad fronts. Hungary, his birth nation, has banned him, too, and for good reasons. Plus, his youthful adventures with Nazi Jew-hunters during World War Two doesn’t exactly endear him with the Hungarian populace. And I have no idea whether the collaborationist rumors have any merit, but that’s how he’s perceived in Eastern Europe. And while Soros and his nation-destroying mischief is being unmasked for what it actually is, at the same time, millions upon millions of Middle Easterners truly are in a living Hell and trying to bringing their families out of harm’s way. So Soros’ machinations are real, but at the same time the need for refugees to escape is also completely legitimate.


So are our homeless vets and other citizens. We don’t even have proper housing for them, how are we supposed to house thousands more?


We need more of Bernie’s pixie dust!


I agree. We should house them as well. It’s not like we don’t have enough room. Even the Vatican took in 12 families.


Amen brother. :thumbsup:

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