Hungarian prime minister says migrants are 'poison' and 'not needed'


Hungary’s right-wing prime minister Viktor Orban has described the arrival of asylum seekers in Europe as “a poison”, saying his country did not want or need “a single migrant”.
As the killing of a priest in Normandy became the latest in a string of violent attacks to shake Europe this summer, Orban fuelled fears of Middle Eastern and African immigrants as well as praising Donald Trump’s plans for US foreign


I’m surprised it took this long for such to be said.



Good to see some people are starting to wake up.


Donald Trump stole Orban’s entire platform in my humble opinion.


This is just him playing to the gallery (again!)

  • In 2016, border controls were temporarily introduced in seven Schengen countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Poland and Sweden). Wht didn’t Hungary do the same? Could it be that because over 400,000 Hungarians have left in the last 7 years so that is a bit of a problem for him?

  • The migrants are headed for Germany, they have no desire to remain in Hungary

  • The EU plan which he refers to actually proposes to remove 54,000 migrants from Hungary not increase them

  • Most of the migrants in Hungary are from Albania, Kosovo and Serbia

  • Finally, I wonder what he would say if he Germany described the 124,000 Hungarian migrants in their country as “poison”.

He certainly makes a strange bedfellow sucking up to both Trump and Putin. Aha- Game plan.


To a Brave New World it would seem…


Why would the Germans call 124.000 Hungarians in there country “poison” unless of course they behaved like refugees from the Middle East.


How do refugees in general from the Middle East behave. Is there some sort of standard modus operandi they use?


I expect he is referring to the influx of economic migrants.


It’s not appropriate to refer to human beings as poison. Usually dehumanization comes before killing.


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