Hungary 1956 revolt: Bela Biszku jailed for war crimes


Bela Biszku, 92, was convicted of ordering security forces to open fire on civilians, killing 49 people . . .

This was the first trial in Hungary of a former top communist.

Biszku was sentenced to five years and six months in prison. He has the right to appeal.

Justice is served for this mass murdering Communist at last.:thumbsup:


He should be shot for crimes against humanity but since the EU Constitution is against capital punishment, no executions occur on European soil (apart from Belarus).

The ousted communists of Eastern Europe should have been punished in the same manner that the Nazis were in the Nuremberg Trials. They should never have been let off so easily for all the pain and suffering they caused (apart from the Albanian communists, who reformed from within). At least the communists in Romania were smashed, they got what they deserved :smiley:


This was brought about by the Jobbik Party, was it not?


I am glad that justice is being served but couldn’t it have been served a lot earlier than this? Why did it take them so long?


After the collapse of communism, Western Europe was cautious about punishing the communists due to not wanting to cause divisions. Thus they cleared most former communist leaders of their crimes.

Also there were more pressing issues at the time, such as a resurgence of Serbian ultranationalism in Yugoslavia.

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