Hungary charges former top communist official with war crimes


Good to see one country acknowledging that there were Communist war criminals




God bless Hungary.

This isn’t getting much coverage in the media, which prefers to report on the Wiesenthal Centre’s efforts to hunt down 100-year old veterans who might, at some point in their life, have heard of a concentration camp.


It’s interesting that Orban is pushing ahead with this considering how he’s been attacked by international special interest groups who’d rather not be spotlighted since he took office.

If these communist prosecutions keep up in the future, I wonder how the American media is going to handle the spread of information going forth - will it begin with a vilification of Hungarians or will try to keep a lid on it by simply ignoring it as much as it possibly can?:hmmm:


God Bless Hungary.
St Stephen, the first Hungarian king offered the Crown (which he originally received from the Pope) to Our Lady after his only son, St Imre was killed.
This is a picture of Our Lady of Hungary wearing the Hungarian crown.
Hungary belongs to Our Lady. I just wanted to share that…

Orban is vilified partly for taking a quite radical christian path. The recently revised Hungarian Constitution for example protects life from the moment of conception, hence it came under attack by the EU.


Yes, the Hungarian Constitution starts with “God Bless Hungarians” - the EU feels offended. The preamble of the Constitution says that Hungary is a Christian nation established on a Christian foundation by King St. Stephen - and the EU feels even more offended.

Now, if only the Protestant Hungarian minority would find its way back to the true Church, we could ask for the preamble of the Constitution to replace “Catholic” for “Christian”, because you see, King St. Stephen was a Catholic King who put Hungary on a Catholic foundation.

And it’s only fitting to amend the preamble of the Constitution to mention not only King St. Stephen of Hungary, but the Holy Crown as well which forever and irrevocably belongs to Our Lady, Magyarok Nagyasszonya. That’s the true foundation of Hungary. The Pope gave the Holy Crown to King St. Stephen, and King St. Stephen gave the Holy Crown to Our Lady under her title of Magyarok Nagyasszonya (it’s difficult to translate this title, it means First Lady of Hungarians but more, Great Protectress of Hungarians).

I pray for the day when the preamble of the Hungarian Constitution will explicitly talk about Our Lady and the Holy Crown, asking Our Lady, Magyarok Nagyasszonya, to look after and protect Hungary. :thumbsup: :smiley:


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