Hungary offers $1m for communism victims museum in Washington


Hungary suggests that a museum should be set up in Washington, DC, to pay tribute to the victims of communist dictatorships, state secretary at the justice ministry Monika Balatoni told reporters on Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference on a different subject, Balatoni said that the proposal would be officially presented on June 11, at an event to be organised by the Hungarian and the Austrian embassies in the US Congress Library.

The Hungarian government has offered to contribute one million dollars to a US foundation set up in 2007 in memory of communism victims, she said.


Prime Minister Viktor Orban will ask Central European countries to join the initiative and set up the museum as their common historical heritage, she said.

The museum sounds a like a worthy project, but why build it in the US? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the museum to be in Central Europe?


Well, for one thing, Central Europe is not too secure nowadays, with Russia backing fascist extremists in Hungary and biting off chunks of Ukraine, for example.

But I will say a memorial museum to the victims of communism is not likely to be terribly popular with the current administration.

All the same, it should be done. If I were a Hungarian, I would support it. There were no “Nuremberg trials” of the monsters that ran the Soviet Union. Lenin’s tomb is still a shrine in Moscow. Everybody forgets what that was; a hundred times worse than Hitler’s Germany. Of all the people in the world who ought not forget it, the U.S. would be at the top of the list precisely because we are essential to resistance to similar atrocities in the future.

And with Russia gobbling up Ukraine, we ought to remember what that kind of thing can mean.


Well said, and you are correct, this administration would not like a memorial museum to those victims AT ALL.


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