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I just finished reading The Glory of the Crusades written by Steve Weidenkopf and published by Catholic Answers. I’m really hungry for more.

In particular I’m thinking of similar books but on different periods of history, particularly: the Spanish Inquisition, the Spanish Reconquista, the Spanish Exploration & Evangelization of the New World, and the French Wars of Religion.

Any title suggestions?


Greetings Ben,

Here are a couple

Isabella of Spain, The Last Crusader, 1451 - 1504 AD,
by William Thomas Walsh
published by Tan Books

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One of the most urgent problems facing Ferdinand and Isabella was that of the Jews and the Moslems. For several centuries Spain and suffered the effects of Jewish and Moslem intrigue, ever since the Moorish takeover in 711 when Moslems and Jews had worked jointly to overthrow a beleaguered Christian Kingdom.

In many instances Jews had opened city gates to invading Moors. The new caliphate could not help but bestow some gifts of gratitude on their helpers. Whole cities were placed in their care Granada was known as the city of the Jews and their power in central and southern Spain was almost unchallenged.

Muley Aboul Hassan, the Mohammedan - Moslem - leader of Granada, went into action before the ink was dry on the agreement. With 35,000 men he stormed and took the town of Ciefo in three days and put every man, woman, and child to death.

or, more recently written
**Isabel of Spain: The Catholic Queen Paperback – 1991 **

by Warren H. Carroll (Author)

by Robert Royal. A book about the political manipulations of history. This book shows how it is unfair to use imperfections of Christopher Columbus to characterize him as a villain. He was a holy man and deserves recognition as the discoverer of the Americas.
It published in 1992, by Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, D. C. 20005,
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distributed by National Book Network, Lanham, MD 20706

by Anne Carroll, published by Tan Books,
1 * 800 * 437 * 5876

This book is written by the principal of an all girls Catholic high school. It is one of the most interesting book that I have ever read. It shows how God has worked through history in His Church and it has a lot of apologetically useful information as well. History is not just about one country advancing because of some new technological weapon that it uses to subdue its enemies. History is about people. In this book you really get to know some important people in Church history. Often she will give quotations from them at turning points in history that lets you see right into their character, good or bad. History is about how God’s divine providence prevails.

By Anne W. Carroll is a high school American history text. from the back cover ]

“Beginning before Columbus and concluding with the 1990’s this book covers the vast panoply of American history in a fast-paced yet thorough, and always interesting, manner. Because of its scores of amazing insights and penetrating analyses - not found in other books - it renders history really understandable - and makes it really come alive.
… students will come away from it with a proper sense of who we are and of what America owes to the Catholic Church; and there is no adult Catholic who will not be enthralled by and benefit immensely from a reading of this multi-faceted book !”

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