Hunter Biden's business was 'industrial-scale' corruption: Sen. Lindsey Graham

Can we all now agree that it was Hunter Biden’s laptop or are some people still calling it Russian misinformation?

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I call it… rather convenient.


Why convenient now?

Isn’t this the same laptop that was dropped off in April 2019 and sent to the FBI in December 2019.

Just because the owner of computer repair shop decided to pursue and make it know isn’t convenience. Are are insinuating that somehow this repairman is not involved and is not the one who followed up on the computer?

If there was a delay in telling the story, it seems the media is to blame.

Why use the word “blame”? Not speaking specifically about this story, is there some “fault” is a news organization does not give attention to some story or another?

Blame is important because the comment was “I’d call it rather convenient” which seems to suppose that somehow this story was manufactured specifically to come out at the end of an election cycle when in fact, the story started in April 2019 and nothing was done about it.

It was given to the FBI in December 2019 and now a year later, the story is still in denial, that this laptop is even Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Lol! I don’t doubt that the disinformation professionals, so impressed with their own ability to control information, will continue to yell, “Russian Disinformation!” It’s difficult to change characteristics embedded in DNA. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Mr Hunter Biden reportedly seems to misplace laptops as often as I misplace my house key.

" Another Hunter Biden laptop taken into custody during DEA raid:" Report"

I’m wondering how much interest (if it is genuine interest) there will be in this story after the election is over. I feel like no matter the outcome of the election, there will be some new item in a couple of months at which to direct alleged outrage.


I can’t agree to anything. I do not know. However, if the point is not good. Is it really that hard to imagine a fake password of Hunter 02? That is not really that difficult. So I will not believe anything one way or another.

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So you believe that this laptop is not Hunter Biden’s, then whose laptop is it? Are you suggesting it is a fake laptop?

Hunter Biden dropping off laptops at a local Delaware Mac repair shop to be repaired does not seem far fetched.

No. I just said I will not believe anything one way or another.

Messages of this type have come up in other threads. The possible positions that one can have are not limited to the polar opposites “belief” or “disbelief.” Another perfectly valid position of knowledge is an “I don’t know.”

Someone that doesn’t take a position of belief on a question of fact isn’t necessarily arguing against it. To not be convinced isn’t making a suggestion of a fact to the contrary.

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Well if you decide not to believe anything on this laptop, I guess that is your right to do so. (I have heard people say they are not political and not sure exactly what that means, maybe it means they do not take any position publicly but they still probably will vote.)

However, if you decide to do that on many other things, what happens to critical thinking.

When I read this I could not help but chuckle. There’s a bit of irony here. To suspending making a conclusion until there is information and evidence to do so is usually considered part of critical thinking. "

Rather than guess what it means, a pathway to understanding them may be telling them that you don’t know what they mean by it and request further explanation.

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I think there will be interest as people want to know whose laptop this laptop really was and was there political corruption?. Mayor Cianci went to jail for taking money for jobs and people in the area knew he was corrupt. Many just looked away because he did such a good job revamping the city of Providence and they wondered what the area would look like without Cianci’s intervention.

Maybe the story will die and people will be just as divided, those who believe it was his laptop and others who believe it was not really his laptop.

I believe it sharpens critical thinking to be honest about what one is ignorant of, not trying to hold an opinion on everything. Think of all the politically motivated accusations that have been made across the aisle this year. Some of it can be discerned. That which is not, might only need more time to discern the truth of the matter, or maybe it will never be done. So I blow off the idea that this somehow reflects on Joe Biden, along with the allegation of Russian interference. The issue of Hunter is a matter for local law enforcement.

There are so many considerations to be made in an election, I have always found it easier to set aside the cloudy in order to focus on the clear.

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How long does one have to wait when so much information has already come out about this laptop?

Makes one wonder about the FBI and others. Can they not declare that they believe this is his laptop as with a certain percentage or can they not check cameras and bring Hunter in and confirm the truth of the matter?

This may be an issue of chain of custody since it was not turned over to the police, but with someone with a partisan interest. In such case, there may be no crime to investigate.

I can understand setting apart the cloudy in order to focus on the clear.

I can understand not believing until proven but then why reply to a thread as if you are taking a position?

This may be an issue of chain of custody since it was not turned over to the police, but with someone with a partisan interest. In such case, there may be no crime to investigate.

The Mac repair shop owner is not of consequences. He turned it directly over to the FBI. Does not the FBI have to ability to confirm whether they think this laptop is Hunter Biden’s and yes, it would be a local issue if corruption was not involved?

I did not know that. If that happened, then it is a little odd, but a totally understandable action on his part. I thought the NYPost broke the story, and it was different. With proper custody and in the hands of the FBI, then perhaps in a few weeks there will be more information.

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