Huntsville Muslim community explains how their religion promotes peace, not violence

Police say they were able to take down the suspected lone gunman, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez. In reports unconfirmed by WHNT News 19, Abdulazeez claimed to be a follower of Islam.

Local Muslim leaders here tell WHNT News 19 that his actions are not a reflection on their faith. Being so close to Chattanooga in distance, and in faith, many Muslims here in Huntsville have true connections to the Muslim community in Tennessee. And they say their hearts are hurting, too. But what their religion teaches is nothing like the atrocities that killed those four Marines.

“We are Muslims, but we are also Americans,” explained Nauman Qureshi, President of the Huntsville Islamic Center. “It really hurts when something like this happens, whoever commits such an act.”

From the article: *"He explained that Islam is based on peace, something that was certainly missing from the incident in Chattanooga.

“The message in Islam is peace. Peace amongst Muslims, and peace with people of other beliefs,” he said. “So when somebody doses something like this, all I can say is there is something that has gone wrong.”"*

Actually it is based on submission and struggle.

"*i. Taqiyya — Religious Deception

…systematic lying to the infidel, must be considered part and parcel of Islamic tactics. The parroting by Muslim organizations throughout dar al-harb that “Islam is a religion of peace,” or that the origins of Muslim violence lie in the unbalanced psyches of particular individual “fanatics,” must be considered as disinformation intended to induce the infidel world to let down its guard…*"

I’m glad the Huntsville Muslim Community did that - while it’s nice it’s however irrelevant because it’s in America.

Most Germans living in Germany prior to and at the time of WW2 were peaceful kind people…
…They - the peaceful majority were irrelevant in preventing or even slowing down the accomplishments of Hitler.
…Just like so many other horrific historical events.

What the world needs are examples like the Huntsville Muslim Community in Muslim Countries…
…I’ve always said that MOST Muslims are kind and peace loving people just like the rest of us.
…The unfortunate fact is that if we transplanted the Huntsville Community to Yemen or Pakistan - they would be dispatched almost immediately.

They practice a form of Islam that just doesn’t fly in Islamic countries. I wish it did.

The Koran indeed explicitly states that Christians & Jews ARE “People of the Book” & that they are to be treated with kindness & respect…
…The Koran goes on to QUALIFY that what is meant is that Christians & Jews who believe as Muslims are to be treated with kindness.
…A Christian who believes in the Trinity OR that Mary is the Mother of God is an infidel.

How are we as Christians to react to such “teachings”?

Wake up.

Exactly, & that’s why I’ve been saying what I have been…
…“The World” needs to wake up.

The following man is an example of a kind compassionate Muslim…
,Who advocates / concedes that Islam’s nature is “violent” & is working to change it.
…By his own admission his life is in danger now because he’s being accused of trying to “change the basics” of Islam.

There is nothing not to like about Dr. Jasser…
…He is an amazing speaker and highly educated.
…The Islamic world needs more of him in a bad way.

Which does not preclude peace…knowing the beatitudes and the call to love God with all our hearts and minds, and Christ’s call for us not to give into the temptations of the world, the same description might hold true for Christianity, which still very much espouses peace.

I fear we often fall into the fallacy of thinking that because almost all terrorists are Muslims that most Muslims are terrorists, or even that somehow it is inherent in Islam. We must not fall into the same fallacy that was used to picture Catholic priests as pedophiles. That being said, the media failed miserably defending Catholic priests from this stereotype, while they are falling over themselves to bring defend Muslims.

I used to live in Huntsville, and I had many friends who were Muslim. They were good people who really embodied what the Muslim faith was about.

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