Hurray Iowa legislature for not supporting Planned Parenthood

I would hope & pray other states would follow their lead.

Virginia did something similar about a month or so back (though they are technically a Common Wealth not a State :p)

Good for Virginia. It won’t happen in our home state of Illinois though until we get a prolife governor, not the one we currently have in office!:mad:

I can only find two news articles about the Iowa vote. Lifenews is one of them, this is the other:

Whether family-planning services such as Planned Parenthood and pregnancy counseling organizations will be funded is still up in the air after several actions by Iowa lawmakers in the past week.

Late on Monday night, the Iowa House opted to remove appropriations for both types of organizations from its version of the Health and Human Services budget.

The move came just a few days after the Senate voted to allocate $750,000 to family-planning services such as Planned Parenthood and $200,000 to pregnancy counseling and support groups.

The issue came to the forefront again on Tuesday, when each chamber rejected the other’s plan, sending the measure to conference.
(you have to scroll down to the third story)

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