Hurricane Dean

Please pray for those in the path of Hurricane Dean, which is now Category 4 and strengthening … it may be Category 5 by Sunday.


Thank you Morwenna,

I live in the Coastal Bend and based on the projected path that I just viewed online, the eye of the hurricane will pass directly over us if there is no change. I also live less than 10 minutes away from the shoreline. If it hits, we could have massive waves reach to my house at roof level. My main concern is that we live in a large but old wooden house that my youngest could blow down (like the bad wolf) if she tried hard enough :frowning: Any winds are always a threat and all else that come with them are terrifying.

So yes, your thoughtful prayers are very welcomed. God keep you safe in your home and may your guardian angel always protect you from harm. :angel1:

Lord, we understand that you wish to wipe sin from the earth. We are heartilly sorry for whatever sin we have caused. Please ease Your wrath upon us and spare us. Please allow the precious blood which Your Son shed for us to fall in front of this hurricane and stop it. Amen

I have family in Jamaica, I’ll be praying hard for those who’ll be effected by this hurricane. :gopray2:

Prayers for all, anniemart Praying your house and family are safe, say a rosary>:gopray2:

I am praying for all who may be in harm’s way. Be smart and seek shelter if they recommend it. Houses can always be replaced but families cannot.

Yes, please pray.

My wife was born in Jamaica and she still has many relatives living there (mostly on the eastern end of the island). Her relatives live in a fairly rural and agricultural part. I think their houses are small and they generally also have additional small buildings (such as a kitchen or chicken coup).

When a strong hurricane hits, they are at risk of losing a lot – their homes or other buildings, their crops and their livestock.

And of course there is danger to life as well. In one very strong hurricane, a family had not evacuated because they thought looters might steal their belongings. In the big storm, the roof blew off their home and they were left in terror of the strong wind and rains for the rest of the storm. In their words, it was like “being in the mouth of a roaring lion”. Their kitchen had totally blown away with all the pots, pans and dishes. Afterwards some of the older children decided to leave home because it seemed that there was so little left.

After really big storms, it can be a few days or more before we can even reach them (or them to reach us) by telephone – so it is a trial for my wife as well because she doesn’t know if everyone is OK.


My home town is on the Mississippi coast and I do not wish another hurricane of that strength on anyone.

I pray that God diminishes it to a not-so-windy rain storm and sends it up where the drought is the worst!!


thank you for your prayers…from the last update it appears that the Yucatan will definitely suffer damage (again). Every season, we see too many people new to the area, or “rebels” that think it’s too much fuss over nothing. Not true…not true…spent another day tying outside stuff down, preparing plywood to drill on to windows; water; food, etc. God Bless…life could be so much worse. :gopray: .

You’re speaking true words of wisdom. God willing the leaving town won’t be the nightmare that it was during Katrina (escape routes were closed because of the change in path and people were redirected here…monstrous traffic bottlenecking…some relatives spent hours on the highway without water, food, etc. Nothing in the end of course, to what Louisiana and Mississippians suffered.:frowning:

not knowing about a loved one’s safety is one of the hardest trials to endure…praying for all of us affected in one way or another. God Bless our brothers and sisters. Dear Lord, grant us unwavering trust in you.

Lord hear our prayer. Amen.

Well, here we go again. Neither my wife (we live in Northern VA) or her twin sister (who lives in Birmingham England) can reach relatives on the phone at this time. My brother-in-law who also lives in Birmingham England is currently visiting relatives in Negril Jamaica.

My wife was born in St. Thomas parish, and it was reported that waves there were 20 feet high or greater.


Hi jmm,

My prayers will definitely be with you and your family.

Here is a site which has real-time updates from people in Jamaica (and other islands):

The site also has a “pleas for help” forum:

“Pleas for Help forum: Feel free to post any questions, concerns, news. Many people who are off-island are in the same boat; unable to contact family or friends in some of the affected islands. It helps to know that you are not alone is this situation.”

Perhaps someone there will see and respond with news that may be helpful to you:

In any case, prayers for you and for all affected by this storm!


Hi again jmm,

Update on the help forum … here’s a new one just set up for Jamaica:

And here is a board for Negril:

I hope these may be of help to you.

Prayers continue.

Will be praying for all those in the path of Hurricane Dean…we are having updated reports on all our news services here in South Australia and with concern for those in its path…




Praying that Dean won’t do too much damage or cause lost lives. (Just a note, it went down to category 2 after it struck the Yucatan, thanks be to God!). Keep praying!!!


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