Hurricane Dolly


Can we all say a special prayer for all those in Mexico and Texas that are preparing for the landfall of Hurricane Dolly.


Most certainly. :gopray2: :gopray2:


Heavenly Father, be merciful to the people of Texas and Mexico. Help them to be as prepared as possible, but please mitigate this hurricane enough to prevent damage or loss of life. I ask You in Jesus’ name.


headed right for us, neighbors are looking out for our house and have put sandbags in place, we did shutters, stored lawn furnitrue etc before we left. do pray for those who will be most affected by flooding and high winds, those in colonias and outlying areas.


Praying the prayer against storms found in the pieta.


Prayers definitely offered.


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Our God, I ask You to bring help to those, in Texas and other areas, who have been affected by high winds and flooding etc at the arrival of the hurricane. Thank You that according to reports it was downgraded to Category 1 by the time it made landfall in southern Texas.


Just starting to get wind and rain where I live. We really need the rain. The wind most probably will not be a problem where I live in the hill country. Pray for those in the Rio Grande Valley


Thank you for your prayers. So far so good! May God continue to bless you for all you do. Jesus loves you more than any of your wildest dreams.


Praying for those in the path of Hurricane Dolly.



Your intentions will be remembered in my prayers.


Hail Mary full of grace
The Lord is with thee
Blessed are thou among woman
Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary mother of God
Pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


don’t stpp praying
the storm slowed as it made landfall, which means heavier rains and wind for longer period of time, the Rio Grande Valley and southeast Texas have sustained a great deal of damage

lots of flooding, standing water especially in the colonias (outlying settlements, often squatters), large prolonged power outages, and wind damage. flooding is the worst.

Diocese is working on a plan with other agencies to aid homeless on both sides of the river. continued prayer is needed.

thanks for all who inquired, power is still out in our development, but neighbor says our two homes have not been flooded (our street floods in every storm). can’t assess damage until we go home Aug. 1, and no way to get there now.


not time yet to cease prayers

our parish is one of several local centers offering on-going assistance to those still homeless or otherwise affected, and the amount of real need and suffering is staggaring. FEMA is gone as is Red Cross, and local Catholic Charities and Salvation Army are continuing relief plans. CC is using our parish as a base to contact all those who received immediate aid in the 2 weeks right after the storm, to follow-up, interview and see what continuing help is needed, mainly with housing, food and medical care.

All of this relief work, with the exception of of one or two paid leaders, is done by volunteers, including over 100 from this parish. SA center in this town is new, and cooperation being established means good things for the future of meeting needs of poor in our growing town as well.

Reminder that having visited East Tex and LA this summer, there are still people suffering the aftereffects of katrina and Rita, and the need does not go away when the headlines on CNN do. Please pray now for the volunteers and aid workers as well as the victims.




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