Husband and I not agreeing on this...Need some Advice


**So back in December my husband got a bonus for being with his company for x amount of years. He really wants to get a Kayak which is around a 300-800 purchase.

Here is where the issue lies, he canceled his life insurance policy in order to get a million dollar one but then i got temp laid off so we couldn’t afford the payments. So now he has nothing…

I told him before he gets a kayak he needs to get this life insurance> My other concern is that he has no one to go with and I don’t like him out there alone…He thinks I am being a little silly about the whole thing, but i don’t agree:(

I guess i am just looking for any advice thanks:)**


I guess it depends where he plans on kayaking : ) If he intends to kayak down some white river rapids, I would be a little concerned. If he just wants to go around a lake, I wouldn’t find it necessary for life insurance.

Will it be a very long time until he can be insured again? If not, perhaps he would be willing to sacrifice a few weeks of not going kayaking for your peace of mind.


He needs to obtain life insurance, not because of kayaking but because it’s very imprudent to be without it. He could step off the curb and get hit by a bus.

He would leave his wife and children in a bad position without good life insurance.

It’s quite selfish to want to spend money on luxuries when the basics are not taken care of.




Maybe you can sit down with him and map out a plan for the family of what will happen if he God-forbid passes away. By walking through the expenses (funeral, maybe daycare or expanded help so you can work, etc. etc.) and the changes that will have to occur, it might be clear the family will be in a pretty desperate shape.

IMHO I think it’s foolish in today’s world not to have insurance. It is very expensive to live, and the livelihood of your family is at stake. I will pray for your family that they will grow closer together and prosper through this learning experience!


I agree he needs life insurance. If he can’t afford the larger coverage, he needs to get what he can afford.

And I would check to make sure that kayaking accidents are covered, and under what circumstances.

This is important enough to fight for.


just like most of the previous posters, i agree that your family needs adequate life insurance, even if it means that he goes w/o a toy for a little while longer. doesnt matter how dangerous of a hobby he has, or that he got a raise or whatever. its all part of being a grown up, as depressing as it may sound… kudos to you for thinking of the future and wanting to CYA (cover your ***).


The reason for the original cancellation (bigger policy) no longer exists if you can’t pay the premiums on it. Tell him to AT LEAST get the coverage he had before–I’m guessing it was through the employer and cheaper–AS WELL AS disability insurance–probably even more important than life insurance. Then you can start talking kayaks…


Life Insurance.

tell him, he needs to think about his family…and that he will be heroic for doing so…


I agree with you about both the life insurance and the Kayak, it
can be dangerous, even deadly to go alone. Very experienced
kayakers have met with disaster, even on a lake. I will pray that
he takes mercy on you and does what you have asked.


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