Husband and wife kill children and selves

:mad: I know all the facts aren’t in, so forgive me if I’m being overly judgmental.

But it always makes me angry when someone kills their kids first and then themselves.

I can understand being despondent about a job situation and I can sympathize with someone who’s so depressed they feel suicide is the only answer. But to take your kids with you - kids whose lives have just begun … well, that just makes me angry. :frowning:

What are you suggesting?

Not sure what you mean. I’m not “suggesting” anything. Just saying how sad it is that someone not only kills himself but takes others with him.

What do you think I should be suggesting in this case?

I guess the man wanted certainty…the kids wouldn’t be left to whatever fate. I guess there’s no point in our making any kind of judgement, only to pray for the man’s and woman’s souls, and topray for the families related to them and the children. Please God the poor children didn’t go through terror. It’s awful to think of the fear and betrayal of being threatened and killed by those who are supposed to love and protect you.

I ask the Lord God to protect the innocent against the depressed, the angry, the unbalanced, and the materialistic who kill them for convenience, revenge, desperation, or due to mental unbalance. Lord have mercy on them all.

I also ask God to help bring about a healthy economy where unemployment becomes rare

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I also ask God to help bring about a healthy economy where unemployment becomes rare

Laura Ingrams makes this point the point that this man was a murderer who chose to not only take his life but others.

What does the economy have to do with it and why is the press relating the two together?

This is a similar argument that has been around a long time - Caylee or Baby Grace would have been better off if bad parents were allowed to abort their children. Huh.:confused:

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