Husband and Wife together for 82 years (and counting)

I just thought I’d share this with you all, it is so beautiful. I only wish marriage was held in the same respect in today’s secular world :frowning:

That’s awesome news, may they each have another 82 years together!

One of my uncles was married to his wife for 75 years, but had no children. When I told my in-laws about my uncle’s death at age 97, my five year old niece exclaimed, “Wow, 75 years! They could have had 50 kids.”:slight_smile:

Aww… good for them :slight_smile: What a fine advertisement for the beauty of marriage. My neighbours are the same - in their 80s and still clearly in love with each other. I love them to bits too.

75 years of marriage and they have YET to get sick of each other? I guess they must be doing /something/ right :slight_smile:

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