Husband becoming Catholic - Having a party


Hello, I am having a party for my husband who has newely become Catholic. How should I word the invitation?

“You’re invited to …” - Baptism, Holy Communion, and Confirmation don’t seem appropriate (since he has recieved all sacrements throughout his RCIA classes). I am not sure how to phrase it. Thanks for your help.


You are Invited to Celebrate our Joy!
Bob Smith has been fully received into the Catholic Church
Please come and help us celebrate!



You could call it a coming out party… coming out of the darkness into the light of Christ! :smiley: That was just the first idea that crossed my mind, I thought it was cute.

Congrats! Have a great party!


…Comming home to the Catholic Church


I vote for this one, but obviously you have to keep in mind the intended audience…you might, for example, want to think twice before sending this invitation to his grandmother. :eek: May result in a few ruffled feathers.


In Baptism he was clothed with Christ
In Confirmation he was empowered by the Holy Spirit
In Communion he was received into the fullness of life in the Trinity

Come and rejoice with the Johnson family
in celebration of Robert’s reception
into the Catholic Church!

A casual dinner will be held in Bob’s honor

on Saturday, March 30

at 5:00 pm

2549 Pleasant Vale Ln

Detroit, Michigan

Mrs. Willie Johnson


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