Husband got an interview for Today


Please pray for my husband Patrick. He has an interview today at 2:45 pm. He has been out of work for almost 2 years. I have been very sick and he has taken care of me and he takes me to the doctors and stays with me when I am in the hospital. I love him for this but we don’t have any more savings. To be truthful we don’t have enough money to buy food. I have been trying to work at home at Cha Cha to get some money for food. He has to go back to work. I have faith that God will help me with my illness. I pray that Patrick gets this job. We need the money. My sister has been so kind and giving to us, she was able to get meds for my mother in law who lives with us. She knew that we did not have enough money to get the meds.

Thank you


Father, in the name of Your beloved Son Jesus please have compassion on this wonderful family.

Please grant this job to Patrick. St Patrick, his patron and mine, please pray for him in your humble compassion.


Oh Terry,
This just breaks my heart. I pray that the Infant Jesus comes to you and your husband in a special way this Christmas and that He provides for all your needs. I’m so sorry about your situation. I will be praying the rosary shortly and will pray specifically for your health and that your husband will get this job! Hang in there, hon!

Much love,

Our Father …
Hail Mary …
Glory Be …


prayer said. Amen

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be
:highprayer: :highprayer: :highprayer:


We pray for the intercession of St. Joseph. May God guide your husband and help him find employment.


St. Joseph
Pray For Him.


Oh thank you all so much. Your replies has brought tears to my eyes. I can feel your love and your prayes.

Thank you once again.


Good luck sweetie, we are praying for you. I can suggest maybe you talk to your priest, there may be other help for you from the Church.
God, please help our sister Terry and her family.


Please keep us updated on your situation. We are all fervently praying for you and your husband/family.



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